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Profit Maximiser Review

I BET you’re reading this Profit Maximiser review today with great expectations.

As the successor to Mike Cruickshank’s legendary Bonus Bagging, this is a product with a lot to live up to. 

I first reviewed Profit Maximiser back in June 2013. It’s now July 2016 as I update this and it’s kicking on stronger than ever.

Let’s be honest here… Bonus Bagging was a super hard product to follow up. There are few services online (if any?) that can guarantee an income of a few hundred quid to a grand tax-free.

Once you have faith in the mathematics of matched betting then Bonus Bagging is a no-brainer. But once you plough through all available bookmaker signups does the journey end there?

No. It doesn’t. Or, at least it shouldn’t. And that’s where Profit Maximiser comes into play.

Ready for Profit Maximiser? Find out in this review!

Profit Maximiser fills any void in betting activity. It introduces you to more bookmaker bonus offers for both new and existing customers and navigates the minefields of casino and spread betting offers. And, it even shows you how you can turn a profit from bonuses at bingo sites!

In short, it opens the doors to a new bumper pay packet of profit.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve followed Profit Maximiser from its earliest conception. Today, as I type this out now it’s membership base stands at over 6,800 subscribing members.

The numbers don’t lie and I think this figure alone is enough to prove the success of this product. But this is a review with an intention to break down what you get for money.

So, let’s jump right into it with a popular question…

What makes Profit Maximiser different to Bonus Bagging?


Tutorials, guides and offer explanations in Profit Maximiser will hold your hand whilst betting. But Mike also puts special focus towards explaining the whats and whys of his techniques.

Guidance is there to help you play a more active part in squeezing the most amount of profit out of each offer.

Videos, Videos, Videos

Mike realised that people feel anxious about placing large sums of money at bookmakers. He aspired to begin documenting unusual offers he completes in video format.

Now, you need worry no longer when smash and grabbing bonuses. Watch, listen, learn from and refer to these visual guides as you see fit.

Bigger Offers

Profit Maximiser is a bit like a follow on from Mike’s Bonus Bagging product.. Once you’re familiar with matched betting and how it all works you’re ready to scale! Now the floodgates are open you are no longer restricted to simple signup offers.

There’s reloads, IF then THAT offers, cashback, in-play, and horse racing offers. There are opportunities at a ton of other bookmakers – some you’ll likely never have heard of! And the best strategies for extracting this free money is all documented step by step.


Bonus Bagging focused the most on sportsbook offers. Profit Maximiser unlocks a ton more opportunity.

There is a lot of money to make from low and no-risk casino games, bingo, spread betting offers and others. This opens up huge potential. Mike has uncovered what seem like endless possibilities to profit from bonus incentives.

The vast majority of offers are risk-free. But there are also a few heavily screened high expected value offers for the more adventurous.


Despite all the fantastic features listed above the private forum is of equal importance.

What could be better than having 24/7 access to 7000 active and hungry matched bettors? Everybody is willing each other on. Everybody wants to beat the bookies at their own game.

The responsiveness of the support to answer questions in this community without parallel.

It’s also within the Facebook group that you hear the great success stories:

Somebody offers their own Profit Maximiser Review

UPDATE: These experiences are not in isolation. This video shows more comments on the service from the Profit Maximiser Facebook group. Double click the video to watch in full-screen HD.

Could You Make These Kind of Profits Without Profit Maximiser?

There’s nothing wrong with going solo. Many people embark on advantage play bonus bagging by way of self-guided mission. If you feel comfortable doing the leg work to find offers, bets and strategies that’s fine.

But I can pretty much guarantee you won’t make as much money as PM member.

Why? Because 7000 brains and 7000 pairs of eyes are better than one.

Working as a big group has big benefits. People spot things others hadn’t and work out solutions to advantage play opportunities together. And, tons of members are continuing to feed back on their own experiences also.

This pack mentality brings with it drive and determination much like a buddy you’d hit the gym with. Seeing others toast success will heighten and deepen your own money making ambitions.

For me this product comes down to community, convenience and reassurance. To summarise:

  • You have the backing of a great community to problem solve offers and issues.
  • You’re never going to have to waste time researching opportunities. You can dive straight in each day and start earning money.
  • The best method for maximising your return from an offer has already been figured out. Watch the videos and follow the instructions. That’s all you need to do to make sure you’re doing things right.

These reasons for me completely justify the £97 price tag on this product.

To be realistic – most people will have made back the price of the product within just a few days of access.

BUT! If that wasn’t enough… Don’t forget that as an reader you can download my special PM bonus videos. You will learn: how to make the most out of it manage your time better and ramp up your ROI (return on investment). Just buy through any link on this site.

See the bottom of this post or sidebar banner for more details.

Is it Easy to Follow? Where Do I Begin?

First of all – if you’re completely new to the ways of matched betting then I’d still advise you check out Bonus Bagging first before signing up to this.

If you’re ready to crank your earnings up a gear and opt to go for Profit Maximiser, congratulations! The first thing to hit you will be that you have many, many options and opportunities to start scooping up cash.

There is so much information on the Profit Maximiser back-end that it can overwhelm. Don’t worry: Mike has made an ever useful ‘Getting Started’ page to guide your first steps.


Profit Maximiser - Getting Started First Steps


Even if matched betting is not new to you it’s recommended to watch the training videos on:

  • How to keep your bank account details safe
  • Finding your own bets
  • Calculating qualifying, follow up and roll over bets
  • Working out risk-free bets

I’ve no doubt you’ll pick up something here that will help your money making endeavours.

When you feel duly educated you can start taking on some offers.

Bookies and Bet Matching Software

Recommended first are the bookmaker new account offers.

The offer, process and strategy for each bookmaker has its own subsection. You can either find your bet selections as shown in the training videos… Or you can use the integrated matched betting / arbitrage software.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software

This software scans the bookies and compares their odds against the betting exchanges. This makes it easy to find matching odds.

Furthermore, you can use filters to look for a specific criteria of bets you want to find.

Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Software Filters

This makes it easy to look for bets within a specific bookie you are matched betting against. You can also select your preferred sport, exchange a time within which the bet is due to settle. The time filter I find especially useful. I don’t usually like to hang around waiting for events to finish. I like my action thick and fast! :)

The bookmaker new account offers should keep you occupied for a good few weeks. But beyond that there are advanced bookmaker offersspread bettingcasino then bingo offers.

By the time you’ve got through the initial recommended offers you should be profitable far up and beyond what you paid to access this service – likely into the hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. But this is just the beginning.

These are just a choice few of the 20+ bookmakers, casinos and 70+ bingo offers explained to you BEFORE you’ve even entered the super-active forum or taken a look at this…

The Profit Maximiser Calendar

Profit Maximiser Review: Calendar

The Profit Maximiser calendar will be your best friend!

Every day Mike finds and collects every single time-sensitive bonus displays them here.

This is what I mean about continually profiting from matched betting and bonus bagging! There is no shortage of opportunity. You just need to be able to quickly identify and take advantage of it!

The Profit Maximiser calendar is a direct response to this.

It of course doesn’t stop at listing a bunch of offers in the format of a calendar.

Clicking each offer will give you the offer URL, a link to the Profit Maximiser forum post where it’s being actively discussed alongside full instructions.

Awesome, eh? And I think this little demonstration epitomises why I think this is such an incredible product:

Profit Maximiser Review - Mached Betting Time Saving CalendarAwesome, eh? And I think this little demonstration epitomises why I think this is such an incredible product:

Profit Maximiser will make you money.

Profit Maximiser will save you time.


In a nutshell: it really is a simple as that. Give it a go and feel safe in the fact that there’s a 30-day money back guarantee included if for any reason you don’t get on with it.

£97 is a drop in the ocean to what is achievable with this product. Some might say it undervalues it! I’ve also got in on good authority that it’s unlikely to stay at this price point forever.
You’ve really got nothing to lose.

Act now, click here and visit the official Profit Maximiser website!


EXCLUSIVE: *FREE* Bonus Videos for Readers

If you do decide to purchase this product and do so having first clicked through from ANY link on then you are entitled to exclusive personally recorded bonus video content guaranteed to increase your productivity and profitability along with my standard round-the-clock email support.

Simply forward your purchase receipt or Clickbank order number to and I will send you your lifetime access link within 24 hours (but normally a lot less!).

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  1. Debbi Micklewhite says:

    Hi. Is it ever possible to make a profit of £100 – £200 with a free bet instead of the usual smaller amounts?
    Bet365 offer around a £200 free matched betting bonus. Surely it’s possible somehow. Thanks.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Debbi: Yes – of course. With the Bet365 bet basket it’s definitely possible to make more but the size of the bonus is larger than normal. Most bonuses are smaller hence the smaller returns. But all those smaller returns add up considerably.

  2. Jim says:

    I fancy trying the £1.00 14 Day Trial. Can I opt out of the full package within that 14 days, if I’m not happy with the product? It just seems to suggest that that £115 will be taken automatically at the end of the trial?


  3. Mal says:

    Can I operate on 30/45 mins a day based on £500+ bank?
    Can you withdraw from your Bookies Account anytime?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Mal,

      A good rule of thumb is to only withdraw from bookies once you have completed their bonus wagering requirements but this varies from offer to offer.

      Your operational time will depend on your confidence and speed with cycling through the offers. But yes what you suggest is possible.

      Witt regards of your float you should always check that you have enough coverage for the bonus offers you’re undertaking. So it’s a good idea to work with the smaller bonuses and preferably smaller odds to begin with whilst you build capital.

  4. tommy says:

    no im not new to the matched betting, i just see people saying you need a £500 starting bankroll which i dont have as i only earn £800 a month

    • Chris says:

      Hey Tommy: That’s the recommendation. You could probably start with less – i.e. £300 or so. But you would need to take things very steady and only take on one offer at a time whilst also sizing up the effect of each offer on your bankroll. But perhaps more importantly I would say is it’s important to ringfence your funds so you are not repeatedly dipping into them and are able to let them go. It would benefit you to save as much as you can before you get going.

  5. tommy says:

    hi bud, i dont have a large bankroll so what would be the advice for someone who doesnt have a lot of income but is interested in this site?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Tommy: Are you new to matched betting? If so I’d recommend you check out my review on Bonus Bagging. That’s a better starting point and requires a lesser bankroll to start out with.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Chris , been looking at bonus bagging and pm for a few years now, yes a few years as I always continued to trade on betfair, finally seen the light and know that risk free is much better than trying to scalp a market with £500 for a £5 profit…now that’s dumb.
    My question to you may seem a little unusual …
    I signed up with William hill, paddy power and bet365 a few years ago, I have however never deposited any money with any of them, would I still qualify for the initial sign up offer with them?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Mark: It depends how they’re feeling. You need to jump on LiveChat with each of them and ask the question. If you haven’t had made a deposit before then you should be OK to claim the bonuses. But I would check first, screenshot the livechat or send yourself the transcript as a backup also.

  7. AL says:

    hi chris

    you can add my name to the success wall i’ve made a lot from profit maximiser,,,,, great review,,,,, pm keeps the pension pot filled up each month

  8. Soh says:

    I think something wrong with Clickbank or with a website. I have tried both Paypal and debit card, they did not go through.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Soh: There are no other reported problems at the moment. I would drop a message to Clickbank support through their website and see what they can suggest.

  9. Soh says:

    Hi Chris

    I tried pay by PayPal 1 pound (14 days trial) , it did not go through. Any idea why?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Soh: If it’s through Clickbank then it should work. I don’t know why PayPal would be rejecting. I see you’re commenting from a Russian email address though. Does that line up with your PayPal and are you based in the UK? It shouldn’t reject based on that though. Just that’s the only thing I can suggest.

      • Soh says:

        I live in the UK and I opened a PayPal account in the UK. I use a different email for PayPal it is not Russian email. I will try it again. What do you think is safe to use a debit card?
        Thanks Chris

  10. James says:

    Hi Chris. I heard that members of PM try to get sold a software? How much is this software and is it necessary to use PM long term? Also have you heard of Oddsmonkey which is a similar product…have you tried that at all??

    • Chris says:

      Hey James: There is bolt on odds matching software if you need for bet matching in real time and in play. It’s useful for not a necessity. The standard package comes with matching software and all the filters etc but a slightly delay.

      But the main selling point of PM is the site itself and the community it comes with (I think nearly 7000 strong now). All these other services are coming along and trying to replicate its success but I do feel a lot of time they’re just chasing shadows.

  11. James says:

    Hi Chris

    Have you tried Mike’s other products such as his horse racing?

    • Chris says:

      Hi James: I’ve tried a lot of Mike’s product. Most of them have reviews on this site I think. And in general – they’re all top notch.

  12. Laurence says:


    I’m considering Profit Maximiser however, have come across a few negative reviews (affiliate marketers) stating that profits are minimal/marginal. What are the facts ? I did Bonus bagging and loved it, though ran out of bookies pretty quickly…

    Thank you

    • Chris says:

      Hi Laurence: Interesting to hear negative reviews. If that’s the case then they surely are pushing towards another product.

      If you read through the Facebook forum you’ll find people bringing in what is effectively a decent annual salary from PM alone so anyone who says profits are minimal are not taking action. You get what you put into it.

      Try the £1 14-day trial deal I have set up on the site here and give it a shot. If you loved Bonus Bagging and I’ve little doubt you’ll love this too.

  13. Rick says:

    Hi Chris
    I am member of PM & have yet to apply myself to all the techniques. The main benefit of PM is Mike’s quick responses to issues & the Facebook community who will often answer before Mike. This is invaluable if you are in middle of back/lay bet & not to sure of something. This saves you losses & on several bets can equal the subscription.

    Would just like to congratulate you Chris on your grounded review of PM. There is a lot of inflated incomes suggested on PM, & these are ofcourse achieved by multiple accounts managed by one person. There are obviously legal issues here that people are choosing to ignore. I congratulate you on not trying to oversell PM with these inflated incomes. As with anything the money earned is equivalent to your effort.

    Well done Chris for keeping it real …

  14. Doug Kercher says:

    A lot of UK bookies dont take Australian customers.

    Do you have a list of those that do please?

    Thanks Doug

    • Chris says:

      Hey Doug: No sorry I don’t. I only really recommend this product to UK & Ireland players. It might be possible from Oz but you’d need to check each of the T&Cs for all the offers and the overall earning potential with unfortunately be significantly diminished.

  15. Stew T says:

    Hi There, Quick question: Does PM contain all the instructions for the bookmaker sign up offers and how to extract the best return from them? Or is it purely the reload offers?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Stew: Yes there’s sign-up bookmakers in there as well. But it assumes you will have already worked through all the most common bookmakers found in Bonus Bagging – Mike’s other product – and follows on from there.

  16. Lewis says:

    Hi Chris,

    Could I make a reasonable p/t income just working football and racing offers one or two at a time and getting money back in the bank before moving on?

    I understand there’s a Facebook forum for ongoing offers so I’d imagine it wouldn’t dry up.


  17. Arthur W says:

    Hi Chris, iv’e read all the reviews on pm & just wanted to ask what is a the full cost, including a sensible starting bank, the product cost & the bet fair bank? I work full time so I would be limited to how many offers I could do in one day. Thanks Arthur

    • Chris says:

      Hey Arthur: £97 + VAT for the product. The recommended starting bank is £500. To be honest most people doing PM work full-time. It’s all about having a good system and keeping good records. If you are efficient in your daily PM activities then you will still achieve fantastic results. My bonus videos give advice on this.

  18. Phil Timmins says:

    Hi Chris, Is there any difference between the zero risk arb software and the profit maximiser? I’ve emailed Mike but he has not responded yet. Thanks

    • Chris says:

      Hi Phil: Yes there is a difference.

      The arb software is purely for finding matching arbs between bookmakers. It’s an odds comparison tool and that is all.

      Profit Maximiser on the other hand is a membership site containing guides, videos, instructions, a betting calendar and a community of 6000+ members matched bettors. It comes highly recommended. :)

  19. Sarah says:

    I like the look of profit maximiser, is there a limit to h ow much you can make with it every month?



    • Chris says:

      Hey Sarah: This is always a difficult question because it’s pretty much dependant on the individual. For some people doing a few hours every week that might pull in a couple of hundred. Others treating it like a full-time job are pulling in thousands. The opportunity is there. It’s all about how many offers you can work through, how quick you are to react to new opportunity, your records and productivity (my bonuses for people who buy through a link on this site covers some of this).

  20. Tom says:

    I tried to register with this company and they processed my payment but when I try to sign it is says this email is not known. Any idea why?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Tom: To which company are you referring? If you mean Clickbank you should have received a confirmation after processing that the transaction was successful. You should also receive your login details via email to the Profit Maximiser back-end. If you’re sure you’ve received nothing and checked your spam folders etc, drop me an email with your details and I can forward it on to Mike on your behalf if you like.

  21. Sam says:

    Hi Chris,

    Given this product has been on the go for some time now and is still attracting new customers like myself. What advice or tips would you give to a new user with the benefit of your hindsight having used the product and liaised with many other members?

    From my perspective I have had accounts limited or restricted with a few of the big players like ladbrokes, coral etc and im worried it will restrict my opportunities.

    Also its 2 sign ups really as youre paying for the PM product material and then another 100 quid odd for the arb finding software.

    How long would you expect it to take to cover this initial outlay using the PM methods and getting myself into actual real profits?


    • Chris says:

      Hi Sam: Sorry I missed this, still having problems receiving email alerts from my site. Need to get that fixed. Grrr..

      Anyway, to begin with you’re paying for one product. You don’t need the arb software. It’s nice. But you don’t need it. Many people find the odds themselves and whilst it can take a while to get a grip on quickly scanning between bookie and exchange to begin with, it’s a learned skill and you get fast at it.

      Worrying about losing accounts is wasted energy. If it happens it happens. There are always plenty of bookies and other offers to take part in. There are subscribers to PM that 2-3 years or more into the game and they still pull in good figures.

      With regards to real profits? Really not long. You can likely pull back your subscription costs in a week. Maybe even sooner. It’s really not that difficult to make great money from this product. You just have to take action.

  22. Steve says:

    Hey Chris, I just found your site and I really like it. I live in Costa Rica, and I read that the Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximizer products might not work for me, since I’m not a UK resident. I’m able to open up accounts at just about any sportsbook globally. Do you know if these bonus offers are restricted to just UK residents?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Steve: I think I responded to this via email but the long and short of it is that these bonuses are purely for UK residents and as such these products are not really relevant for players outside the UK (and Ireland).

  23. Ed says:

    Hi, are you still using PM . I’m thinking of giving it a go . I can spare 1-2 hrs a day so hopefully I’ll make some cash

  24. Jim says:


    I’m getting on great with Bonus Bagging! one of the things I like about it is that you can place your bets over breakfast and then forget about it for the day.

    Is profit maximiser the same or do you need to be constantly near a computer.

    Thanks mate

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jim: Sorry for the late reply. I seem to have an email notification problem. Need to fix it.

      Profit Maximiser requires more involvement since you will need to find the bets yourself within the specifications Mike provides. It’s still can be pretty quick once you get the hang of it and the potential rewards are clear to see. But nothing gets quite as easy as Bonus Bagging unfortunately!

      Please to hear it’s working well for you. :)

  25. Andrew R. says:


    I have done bonus bagging an made £133 as I already had a boat load of accounts already! SeanieMac however have banned me from using my £25 freebet for some reason after I had placed my 5 qualifying £25 bets. They say I am restricted from sports betting now. What is this all about?

    I can accept this happening once I suppose (don’t know why they have done it – could it be that it appears to be the same company as Boylesports?) but does this happen regularly on PM or is it just me?


    • Chris says:

      Hi Andrew: That happens from time to time. You just have to get up and get on with it. There’s plenty more bookmakers out there. Though it’s unusual they didn’t allow the free bet. I hope you argued the toss there!

  26. john says:

    purchased PM through your site and have completed 3 bookie offers but I do not seem to be making any money. I think I am following Mikes instruction to the letter.

    started with £500
    deposit to betfair £100
    deposit to bookies £65 balance £335
    withdraw from bookie £100 bal £435
    betfair a/c now £67
    total £502 + 32 after 3 offers !!!

    • Chris says:

      Hi John: £2 profit? That doesn’t sound right. I would liaise with Mike on the specifics of offers/bets completed so far and find out what’s gone on.

  27. Ben Corless says:

    Hi chris this May seem a bit of a cheeky question and may be in bad taste but with somthing like bonus bagging would it benefit if say I didn’t just have 1 debit card….? Like maybe the girlfriends card… A friends card… So on and so on, if you get what I’m niggling at.
    Thanks for your time

    • Chris says:

      Hi Ben: That wouldn’t matter. You’re still the same person with the same address on the same computer with the same IP address which is normally against bookmaker T&C’s.

      • Ben Corless says:

        A quick follow up if I may, I ment a different card say my friends, in his name as his address and change of ip. Would that be illegal seeing as how id have permission.

        • Chris says:

          I’m not sure where you fall legally but I’m 100% sure it’s against bookmaker terms and conditions to do so. I can’t advise on this. Sorry.

  28. Jeff Muir says:

    Over the last few years after having joined countless betting services that promised the earth and did not deliver, and of course opening many bookmakers accounts in the process I joined Bonus Bagging in January and made £229 before I was informed that I had used up all the available bookmakers. A point here is that your success on Bonus Bagging is limited to the number of Bookies accounts that you have NOT opened. Even so I did make some money so I was happy with this. Following this I joined Profit Maximiser in April and have made £1,300 since joining. The problem I am now having is that I am almost through the list of available bookies on P.M. I am now going through the Bingo list and have made £100 profit from trying out 30 sites (very slow progress). You mention the ‘Calender’. Most of the stuff on there is poor, for example do this or that and HOPE you selection comes in etc. (If it does not then your money is lost!). Although I am happy up to now, I do wonder if I can keep things going in the next few weeks/monts.

    Jeff Muir

    • Chris says:

      Hi Jeff: You’re right re: Bonus Bagging that the best returns are seen from those who have no pre-existing bookmaker accounts. That’s just the nature of it and it’s something I have discussed quite regularly in emails and comments on my review.

      With regards to bingo offers in PM then it sounds like you’ve been a bit unlucky to be honest. In any case you’re still profitable overall and one big win can swing things dramatically.

      If you’re not doing the calendar offers because you believe the offers to be poor then I think you’re missing out. These offers might not looked great on paper but it’s a volume game again really. Do enough of them and they all add up. Numerous success stories in the Facebook group share this belief. It’s worth reading through a few of the posts there for a bit of inspiration in approach and outlook on these kind of offers.

  29. Dan says:

    Hi Chris, I’m really interested in trying Profit maximiser. I saw this link/ yellow banner on your website in the right top corner of this page to try Profit Maximiser for 30 days for free, then pay by direct debit. Just wondering if it is safe/ legit, as when I was about to fill in the request form, I realized it is sold by Agora Lifestyles ltd. Many thanks

    • Chris says:

      Hi Dan: That’s not a 3rd party banner. I put it there myself. It’s definitely legit! :)

      That was actually from an offer I ran a long time ago but I have managed to keep that 30-day trial offer for my readership for those that want it.

      It makes no odds whether you purchase through Clickbank or Agora. You’ll end up with the same product.

      Drop me an email with your order confirm if you decide to purchase through a link on this site and I’ll send you my bonus videos.

  30. David Mackerness says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been doing matched betting for about three weeks and have worked my way through 16 bookies offers with some mistakes along the way(!), however I have come to a bit of slowdown.
    The offers seem more complicated, and the bonuses I have been offered don’t make sense to me, especially the casino ones.
    I realise there are yourselves, bonus bagging and profit accumulator amongst others that charge a fee for advice, but a I am worried I have come too far to get the basic advice I

    Could you tell me what I would gain from paying a yearly fee, and whether I can ask basic questions to get answers should I sign up?
    Eg Vernons today gave me a £10 bonus in the casino if I deposit £10.. How would I gain from this etc,..

    I seem to be in the middle between Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser. Do you think I should do most of the sign up offers first and get the sign ups in place? I still fell a bit of a novice and would welcome help. Is there a way of tring PM for a week to see if it suits?
    Also I would value a real time odds checker, and don’t think I would pay for odds monkey pro if I paid for this service too.
    Many thanks
    Sent from my iPad

    • Chris says:

      Hi David: I don’t think you are anywhere in the middle of Bonus Bagging or Profit Maximiser… I think you are in EXACTLY the right position to benefit from Profit Maximiser.

      The idea of Bonus Bagging is to ease people into the idea of matched betting and ensure they don’t make basic errors.

      Some people choose to go it alone – and that’s completely fine if they are comfortable to do so. I started in very much the same way and wrote my free eBook to give guidance on exactly how to do so. Kudos for putting the time into learn the intricacies of matched betting and turning a profit. :)

      Regardless of whether you went through BB yourself or went at it alone, now you have the nuts and bolts down – and you want to take it to the next level – but are unsure how to go about the more difficult bonus offers?

      Well as I mentioned previously… This precise scenario is exactly why Profit Maximiser was created.

      Pretty much every bonus offer worth it’s salt is documented in the membership area. With that are direct instructions (ordered lists and walkthrough videos) for how to complete each offer.

      Instead of trying to figure out all of this stuff yourself it’s already been worked out, established and written up ready for you to work through.

      You will still have to go in, find the odds and place the bets of course. But it doesn’t get any easier than this… And that’s the gold in this product.

      How much time daily do you spend trying to figure out whether an offer is viable, how to approach it, calculating, doubting yourself as to whether this is the right way and so on? If you’re anything like me then probably quite a lot!

      PM removes all this drama – tells you what to do, how to do it and away you go. Bolt on the hyper-active, super-friendly Facebook group full of people just like you trying to make solid money from advantage play then you have a hell of a product.

      If anything Profit Maximiser is under priced. It’s an investment to make your time spent at the computer ten-fold more productive and profitable of which you’re likely to earn straight back in the first week or two. That leaves 50ish weeks of the year for pure profit potential.

      Of course there is a money-back guarantee if you don’t get on with it so you can effectively trial it risk free. But by the sounds of it this product is exactly what you’re looking for.

    • David Mackerness says:

      Sorry for the type errors Chris in the above email.
      I forgot to ask about advice with keeping the bookies ‘sweet’ with mug bets if you just keep doing their bonuses and don’t do regular bets, as don’t want to be ‘grubbed’ early on(!). Also could you send me your videos you mention in the comments pages.
      You’ve always been a true gent.
      Thanks, Dave

      • Chris says:

        Hi David: Just be sensible. Bet in round denominations. Be relatively consistent with your stake sizes if you can. Don’t always take the absolute best odds on offer. Try and look at it from their perspective.

        There’s no 100% certainty of course. Sometimes you will lose an account but that’s not the end of the world. Just move on to the next.

        As for the videos… I created them exclusively for Profit Maximiser subscribers. If you do decide to sign-up and go through a link on this site then drop me an email with your order reference number and I’ll follow-up with the link.


  31. Jay says:

    Chris, thank you for taking the time to write this review. I’m definitely. going to invest in Profit Maximiser.

    Quick question: Is it worth buy Bonus Bagging too, or is everything from BB covered in PM?


    • Chris says:

      Hi Jay: Glad it helped matey!

      With regards to Bonus Bagging it depends on where you’re at with your matched betting already. If you’re yet to dip your toes into the water it’s a great idea to start there as it’s a really steady, smooth introduction into the way things work since you’re biggest risk of making mistakes is at the very beginning of your journey.

      If you’re already experienced and/or already have accounts at a large number of online bookies then you’re probably good to just jump into PM.

  32. Charlie says:

    My cd drive is broke . Do you have to load software on to computer??

  33. Ricardo says:

    Thanks, i understand now. And the second question? I live outside uk and ireland and i´m very interested on purchase the product. I understand the benefits of living on the uk and ireland but if profit maximizer can bring 200-500 at home i think that really worth to try it. Do you think that there are enough bonus offers for people like me?

    Thanks for all.

    • Chris says:

      It’s pretty tough to say Ricardo since each country is different in the eyes of gaming sites and it’s really a case of checking each sites terms and conditions to make sure if you wanna go that way. I have heard that non-UK people do see some success with this product but it’s impossible to verify myself.

      If you’re really keen to take a look then at least you are guarded by the money-back guarantee should it not work out for you. Just tread carefully and don’t skim over the fine print whenever you sign-up to a site or take part in a bonus offer. Check you are eligible for everything and confirm with the bookie/casino/bingo site support team when you’re unsure.

  34. Ricardo says:

    Hello. It´s possible to have a look at the facebook group? I can´t find it on internet. How can i find the group site? It´s possible to make, let´s say, between 200-500 if you don´t live on Uk or Ireland? I know that this is specially recommended for Uk Ireland persons, but with 200-500 per month would be well the effort.

    Thanls for your attention

    • Chris says:

      Hi Ricardo: It’s a private group for subscribers. You won’t find it anywhere online through searching and you’ll need to be authorised to view it through Mike on purchase of the product. Sorry.

  35. Saturnino Diz says:

    Hello, i´m thinking on purchasing the service. I saw a few days ago that the service was down. Is the service now on line? Are the community active now? Is it worth for a non english resident like me?

    Thanks for your time

    • Chris says:

      Hey: Everything is working just fine as far as I know? The community is fine also – its hosted on Facebook.

      This product is aimed at the UK & Ireland market place. I’ve heard some users from other jurisdictions have had success – but you need to be very careful as to which offer would be available to you by always reading betting site’s terms and conditions.

      There’s a money back guarantee included if you want to take a look.

  36. Louis says:

    Thank you for this balanced review. It’s worth adding to your review about Mike’s arbitrage software. There is an additional cost of £97 + VAT per year, but it is a great time saver. Instead of spending maybe 10 minutes finding a matched bet, the software does it within a few seconds.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Louis.

      You’re right that Mike’s arb software is a time saver, but it’s also an additional product that is not a requirement for Profit Maximiser.

      Many people are happy finding their own bets – though once you get into the swing of things and have accumulated a big lump of profit it’s worth considering.

  37. Ed says:

    Hi Chris . Nice site …. Are you still making money each month from pm. I was a member a year ago but asked for a refund couldn’t get my head around it. Been looking ever since for something but keep ending up back at pm.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Ed: Yes absolutely. Its a continuous thing. There are always new offers week on week to play for.

      It can take a bit of getting used to. Have you gone through Bonus Bagging before? That’s a more novice introduction to matched betting.

      Regardless though, stick with it. Watch the videos, make notes and follow the forum. Soon enough it will sink in and for your efforts you can be well rewarded.

      Good luck with it!

      • Ed says:

        I’ve done a bit of Bonus bagging. Do you do it daily and without giving to much away do you make the £500/£1000 a month without too much trouble.

        • Chris says:

          Yes. Daily. Allocate an hour each day and as you grow more confident with it you’ll find you get more done in that period.

          Quicker gains are easier earlier on. Your long-term return is major affected by how much time you put into it, how quickly respond to offers available and your speed of working things through.

          I think £500/month is a realistic target to aim for to keep you motivated. That’s not the ceiling – you can do a lot, lot more – but this is a learned skill really which comes with time and experience. Set your expectations at an easier-reach achievable level then you will be gratified when you exceed it, at which point you might begin setting sights on bigger targets.

  38. Andy says:

    Hi Chris,

    First like to say great website and very informative. I have been looking into BB and PM for a while and reading reviews etc but I have also toyed with the idea of going down the sports arbitrage route i.e rebel betting.

    I have a bank role of around 1000 and not sure which route to go down. Would be looking to dedicate a couple of hours a day and aim to make around 50 pound a day as it equates to around £18,000 a year. Which route do you think would be most suitable for my goals? I am leaning more towards sports arbitrage however concerned with bookies limiting accounts and cancelling bets. Which do you think would prove more profitable with less risk.

    Apologies for long comment and advice would be greatly appreciated.



    • Chris says:

      Hey Andy: That’s a nice starting bank.

      I’d still look at the BB/PM route to be honest. I personally feel there’s a lot more value to be had out of bonuses than just arbing, less problems with accounts, less risk on individual bets plus it’s generally a lot more fun.

  39. Rory b says:

    Hey Chris

    just starting out in the world of PM and currently working my way down the list of bookies accounts as per Mike’s recommendation, have 2 questions

    1. not seen anywhere what would be an average starting bank should be, im thinking at least £200 as would need that inside my existing betfair account in order to cover liab on a say £20 lay @ 8/1 or greater. thoughts?
    2. Would you suggest getting betdaq and smarkets accounts setup sooner in order to get the lower % commission offered by these two rather than having to resort to betfair for all my lays?

    grateful for your advise


    • Chris says:

      Hi Rory: Welcome! :)

      1. The recommended starting bank is £500. That figure would be distributed between bookmakers and exchange in whatever way suits the offer you are attacking. Remember betting at higher odds will mean you will have a bigger liability. Play within your limits and weigh up the monetary differences between different odds matches and go with a profit margin that feels comfortable to you.

      2. Yes! I’ve never been a fan of Betdaq but I’ve always liked Smarkets. When you put through a lot of bets those commissions add up massively so it pays dividends to go with a solution that works most cost effectively for you. You should definitely check it out.

  40. Andy says:

    Hi Chris, great review.

    I’m already familiar with matched betting so would going straight for Profit Maximiser be a better option for me? Does it cover the bookmaker sign up bonus’ also is basically what I’m saying.

    One other thing….I’ve read and heard good things about a similar product called Profit Accumulator, do you have any experience with this service? They charge a monthly subscription or yearly fee which doesn’t seem as good value as Mike’s product. I would happily follow both plans but if Mike covers the same offers I’ll just go with him.

    Thank you

    • Chris says:

      Hey Andy: If you’ve got the experience already (and presumably quite a few bookmaker accounts?) then I’d say there’s nothing wrong with jumping straight into PM. It does cover bookmaker sign-ups along with reloads, casino bonuses, bingo etc etc.

      You may still find there are a few bookmakers that BB covers that you haven’t set-up with already. These offers are all relatively straight forward though so with knowledge already should be straight forward to plough through on your own.

      Re: other products. I’ve never heard of it to be honest. I’ve seen a few products in the last year or so try to imitate Mike’s success in the matched betting arena. They come and go.

      I’m pretty confident it won’t be anything to extraordinary to warrant a second subscription and also sure it won’t have anywhere near the membership base / community PM has built up. I’d stick with the original.

      Also – if you order through clicking from any of my links don’t forget to drop me an email with your order reference to get my video bonuses. They should help you get moving pretty fast and productively. ;)


      • Andy says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I do currently have many accounts with most bookmakers but also have the option of starting completely fresh with new accounts (I think you understand) so would bonus bagging be a better option to get the ball rolling?

        • Chris says:

          What you do depends on how you honestly assess your skill level.

          If you sign-up for Bonus Bagging you will have all betting selections researched and presented to you at the press of a button. All you need do is follow the instructions. You’ll familiarise yourself with the matched betting process again pretty quickly and work through the available bonuses in a progressive, orderly sequence.

          You’ll be fine to go it alone if you’re comfortable with finding matches already and understand the mechanics of the matched betting process.

          Finding free bets is pretty easy but it’s knowing what to do with them that’s the important bit.

          Would you still like the reassurance and time saving of someone finding your bets for you? Or are you totally fine with scouring odds and calculating stakes yourself?

          Ask yourself those questions and you’ll know which route you should take.

  41. Jon Grundy says:

    Hi Chris
    I’m always on the look out for new ways to make money and have had some luck with roulette systems but they after a while. I’m tempted to get profit maximiser but havnt ever had bonus bagging. how long do you think it would take to earn the £97 back
    Thanks and great website

    • Chris says:

      Jon: Roulette systems will always fail. You cannot beat the wheel. Albert Einstein even said so!

      It won’t take long to earn the £97 back. Probably only a week or two in fact. Of course – it depends on your pro-activeness to take part in the offers available.

      Thanks for the kind words. :)

    • Jon Grundy says:

      Also I’m used to betting and have a few accounts
      I’m looking to make a fair bit of money would you still suggest getting bonus bagging ffirst or as I’m experienced in betting do you think I’ll be ok on profit maximiser

      • Chris says:

        Jon: Matched betting is a bit different to normal betting because it’s the art of covering all outcomes rather than betting outright. Your experience will clearly give you a headstart but it’s important to understand the basics before jumping into some of the larger offers contained within PM.

        I think you’d still find value in beginning with Bonus Bagging first and growing accustomed to how it all works. There’s probably still accounts you don’t have. It contains quite a few bookmakers. Give the £1 trial a whirl if you’re unsure.

  42. graham marshall says:

    Never been near a bookies or placed a bet in my life, so totally clueless, how difficult would it be for me to make this system work for me, heard of this thru a friend of a friend and thought i’d give it a look, tho it does appear very daunting to begin with, and as much as i’d love to jump in couldn’t afford to lose the £97 if i couldn,t get my head round things and make the system work for me, hope to hear from you soon regards graham

    • Chris says:

      Hi Graham: Many people begin advantage play / matched betting with no pre-existing knowledge of betting. That said – if you do have no accounts with bookmakers already I highly recommend you learn the ropes with Mike’s first product Bonus Bagging before jumping on the PM train. That’s designed to teach you the ropes and make the transition as easy as possible. It also has a lower price point at £27 with a £100 starting bank the recommended. There’s a full review accessible from the Betting Reviews page of my site.

      Also – definitely take a look at my matched betting eBook for guidance on how everything works. I think you’ll find it very useful. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email with any questions although do be aware I’ll likely be stuffing my face with turkey over the next 48 hours! Ha. Have a good one. :)

  43. Michael says:

    Hi Chris
    Nice site and great review.
    1 question:
    You say at some point – in the video as I recall – that it’s normal to extract 80% of the value from a freebet. Are you sure about this – in my experience it’s more likely to be around 65 %.

    best regards Michael

    • Chris says:

      Hey Michael: Thanks for the kind words.

      Your return is directly correlated to the prices you take and how much of a gap there is between the back and lay odds.

      If we take a £100 stake not returned free bet as an example giving consideration to an exchange commission level of 5%:

      If we find a match of 5.0 / 5.0 between bookmaker and exchange it would return £76.77 which is nearly 77% the free bet value.

      If we find a match of 7.0 / 7.0 between bookmaker and exchange it would return £82.01 (82%).

      Obviously the higher you can afford to go based on exchange liability you can afford to tie up the larger your return.

      The other thing is the closeness of your matches:

      If we find a match of 5.0 / 5.2 between bookmaker and exchange it would return £73.79 (74%).

      If we find a match of 7.0 / 7.2 between bookmaker and exchange it would return £79.72 (80%).

      The further your odds are apart the less your return with the absolute perfect scenario being to find bookmaker odds larger than the exchange odds.

      People play this game differently. In that I mean that some people are happy to race through the offers and just try and nail as many bonuses as they can at a given time knowing that it all builds up rather quickly when you begin to totalise your returns. Others will look for the perfect exact matches and do a lot of odds scouring to try and extract the maximum return from each bookmaker.

      I used to belong to the latter camp. Now with so many reloads up for grabs and other opportunities I’m more inclined just take what I can and move on though 80% (ish!) remains my ideal.

  44. Mike McRory-Wilson says:

    Good evening Chris,

    This is going to sound nothing short of rediculous, but – I am a retired, (fairly) normal red blooded, ale drinking, English male who has never in his entire life placed a bet on anything. Spread betting to me is a total mystery (possibly related to duvets?) and as for a bookies bonus, well, surely, that is an oxymoron?

    Anyway, this PM sounds most intriguing and, being retired, an extra few pounds of income is always going to be both attractive and most welcome. So, what chance do I stand of all this being of any use to me???

    My very best wishes,

    Mike (McRory-Wilson)

    • Chris says:


      Hi Mike: Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many arrive at these advantage play products with the same “Will it work for me?” mindset and most surprise themselves at how they pick it all up.

      As for the spread betting… Well – I think you’d be in the minority if you thought it was anything BUT a total mystery! I remember the first time I heard of it too… ;) Fortunately within PM instructional videos have been crafted to piece by piece solve these riddles and it’s actually pretty straight forward.

      What I would suggest though in being a complete novice is for you first to cast your eyes over this product.

      If you’re new to matched betting I would advise you to start learning the ropes there (as well as recommend reading my free eBook!).

      Think of PM like Bonus Bagging’s big brother. The earning potential is greater in the long-term but it requires a bit more involvement and an understanding of the process. If you jump right into it without going through BB first then the learning curve is going to be pretty steep and you’re missing out on a wedge of cash from some of the easiest bookmaker offers on the market.

  45. Anders says:

    Chris, keep getting these PM emails and would really like to sign up. However I am a Swedish resident and when looking at the PM site it says it is for UK/Ireland only. Is that still the case or will it work for Swedes?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Anders: It’s only recommended for UK/Ireland players I’m afraid.

      The problem isn’t the product itself. I know that Mike would love to make this product available to residents of other countries. The problem is that this product works by taking advantage of betting offers who normally restrict their promotional bonuses to UK & Ireland residents only as per their terms and conditions.

      There will be some exceptions. I’m sure there are SOME sportsbooks, casinos, bingo sites etc who DO accept Swedish players and who DO offer bonuses to new and existing Swedish players. But your expected profits will unlikely hit the same figures as the UK players due to the restrictions and it would be an impossible task to tailor bonus instructions for players from every country who signs up hence why its not recommended. :(

  46. Pete says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m familiar with the Bonus Bagging system and have been relatively successful with it. I was wondering how much time you need to give to PM on a daily basis to make 500-1000 per month?



    • Chris says:

      Not sure how I’ve missed this comment but sorry for the extremely long reply time. Not sure what’s happened there.

      To answer your question (if you’re still wanting to know!) it totally depends on you really and how fast and efficient you are with tackling the offers.

      Personally I try and plough through things as quickly as possible and do so through utilising a couple of free tools that improve my productivity (as demonstrated in my own PM bonus videos).

      I’ve also started setting myself a timer – say for 1 hour a day – where I do PM activities and then make sure I log off it all once my time is up. There are exceptions to this, like days with many, many offers for special events, days when I have nothing else to do or days when I have a lot to do… But I find that works for me.

      So again – your earnings potential is only really limited to your own actions.

      Do you wanna be one of those guys who goes to the gym, slaves over each machine for 20 minutes at a time taking 10 minute breaks in between each for a chat with someone and is there for 2 hours before he heads home?

      Or are you the guy that walks in, motivated, maximum effort and smashes through everything as quickly as he can so he can be out the door in 40 minutes?

      There’s nothing particularly wrong with either. Both can achieve the same results. It’s just the approach that is different.

  47. Wayne says:

    Hi Chris, firstly I was already a BB user when I came across your site, however I did take advantage of your book which in my humble opinion is superb and is without doubt the most informative, clearest and well written book on the subject. And you are young man, probably the most honest person around and I’d like to wish you well for the future and extend my grateful thanks for your email help. Let their be no doubt guys use Chris to sign up to Bonus Bagging AND PM. For all that he does for us he deserves all the support we can give back.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Wayne: I really appreciate the endorsement! It’s always amazing to hear nice feedback – especially on that eBook which actually took a long, long time to put together! :) Thanks so much for the kind words. It makes it all worthwhile!

  48. Joe says:

    This guy rocks.
    Very helpful and very honest.
    Very much appreciated mate.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Joe: Thanks for the kind words. I hope my email gave me food for thought on your particular situation. Good luck with it. :)

  49. slim says:

    Thank You, I have sent you details by PM.
    Thanks again.


  50. slim says:

    Good Evening Chris, Hope you are well.
    Finished BB today, if I do the free 30 day
    trial through your link will I get still get
    access to your bonus vids?
    Need all the help I can get, as quite new to
    matched betting.
    Looking to start later tonight.

    Have a great evening.


  51. Brian says:

    Hi Chris

    That’s good info, currently trying to open a Seperate bank account, I’ve just received an email from mike saying that I have now used all the bookmakers and suggests profit maximiser, is there a free trial period then.,

    I think £500 is a good starting point just need to get the new bank account.
    Could you email me the videos of how you can keep track better of every last penny when using PM.
    Thanks for the info

    • Chris says:

      Hey Brian: If you use the yellow banners up on my site now I’ve just confirmed the free trial is still available. Alternatively you can straight out buy the product through the links in my review and it comes with a guarantee anyway. Once you’re ready to begin and buy just forward me your purchase reference number by email and I’ll send you the videos. :)

  52. Brian says:

    Hi Chris

    Your site looks good, very informative, I’m just looking for some guidance.

    I have joined Bonus Bgging, made a small profit due to already being signed up to most bookmakers.

    I’m thinking of joining PM, but I only have a start bank of £250, Firstly is that enough and would I be better having a Seperate bank account for managing my money for betting, I found it hard in Bonus Bagging trying to keep track of all my transactions through my own bank.

    I’m just looking for the best way to organise myself with this.

    Any info appreciated

    • Chris says:

      Hey Brian: First off I’d definitely recommend a separate bank account if you get serious with matched betting. As you say – much easier to keep track of everything and distinguish betting transactions from personal transactions.

      That said I’ve made two bonus videos covering how to stay on top of every last penny when utilising Profit Maximiser. You’re welcome to email me for those if you go on to purchase Profit Maximiser through a link on this site. :)

      In terms of a starting bank it’s a recommended £500 because that’s what Mike feels is appropriate to follow the order of the offers available in a logical expected value order. I’m not going to recommend otherwise but you can probably do it with less if you cherry pick the offers and do them one by one. You’ll just need to make sure you always have enough Betfair liability to cover your lay bets before placing money at bookmakers.

  53. Kieran says:

    Hey again Chris

    Thanks very much for your quick reply and putting me straight on those few things.

  54. Kieran says:

    Hey Chris

    I’m seriously considering having a go at PM. When you say a starting bank of £500, is this total that’s needed. What I’m asking is would this be lets say £250 in betfair and the other £250 spread around bookies.
    Also I’m in Ireland [republic]. Is this ok with the uk bookmakers? Or are my considered EU.


    • Chris says:

      Hey Kieran: Yep that’s a good example. Although remember you’re not just concentrating on bookmakers with PM. There’s casinos and bingo sites as well. £500 is the recommended TOTAL starting bank to begin ploughing through all these kinds of bonuses as recommended.

      You’re not considered EU. Most bookmakers are open to UK & Ireland customers. And in fact in many cases being in Ireland gives you the unique advantage of having Ireland exclusive bonuses that UK folk aren’t entitled to. Always check the terms and conditions of each sign-up but I’m sure you’ll be good for 99% of everything.

  55. Morrice Wells says:

    Within PM there is an introductory offer via William Hill to financial “Betting” (investing) via FX trading.

    I have tried to make money via FX trading without success in the past.

    Is anyone aware of any method of using the models of Bonus Bagging and PM, risk free betting, to apply to FX markets in an ongoing way? Mike Cruickshank feels it can’t be done.


    • Chris says:

      Mike knows his betting! I wouldn’t disagree with him. The models of Bonus Bagging and PM exist because of… bonuses. There are an absolute ton of them on offer from a huge number of bookmakers, casinos and bingo sites. I don’t believe there are enough outfits specialising in FX with similar style sign-up/reload offers to make that work long-term.

  56. Morrice Wells says:


    Does the PM calendar do the same job as Rebel Betting?

    As I have already purchased PM is there any point in also buying/using Rebel Betting, or do they provide the same surebet access>


    • Chris says:

      Hey Morrice: No. They’re different things. The PM calendar lists all the bonus offers available for a given day/week/month.

      RebelBetting is a a very fast bookmaker odds indexer that spots out of line odds pretty much as soon as they appear targeted at professional sport arbitrage customers. No bonuses involved.

  57. Michel says:

    Hi Chris!

    I´m planning on signing up for the 30day free trial, however when i´m about to sign up i can only choose between uk or irland as country, is it restricted for residence there? I´m from sweden if that would be a factor.

  58. Roger says:

    Thanks Chris, sorry for the name typo – an earlier apology (Jim/Kim)had me confused!

    I am earning a bit from a writing/posting site called Bubblews which is a good source of steady(if pretty slow) income, so I hope to gravitate towards being in a position to buy PM some day. In the mean time I might try the Goal Profits £7 in-play strategy to, hopefully, leverage a bit more income in the mean time. It seems a good thing from a trusted source. Have you come across it?

    • Chris says:

      Haha. I didn’t even notice to be perfectly honest! :P

      Not looked at Goal Profits I’m afraid. New reviews a bit slow off the mark at the moment but looking to correct that soon hopefully.

  59. Roger says:

    Hi Jim

    I seem to be on constantly limited funds so don’t even have much of a bank as such to speak of. I did most of the major welcome bonuses years ago.Are there any plans to introduce a PAYE option for PM, whereby you declare your bank and profits and pay a given % each month?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Roger: I feel your pains if liquidity is a problem for you but right now there are no plans for that as far as I know. I’m sure it would be far too difficult to authenticate and manage.

  60. Sebastian says:

    Hi Chris,

    Do you know what is the difference between Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software and PM?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Sebastian: The arb software is purely for finding out of line odds bookmaker vs Betfair. Profit Maximiser is a collection of instructions on making money from bookmaker, casino and bingo offers (risk-free and positive expected value) with a huge back-end community. Given the choice of both I’d go with PM. It’s the natural successor to Bonus Bagging.

  61. James says:

    Hi Chris

    Don’t some bookies require you to play through what you deposit, how to get round that? Am surprised some bookies, once you put money in, you can’t withdraw unless you bet or play through it.

    • Chris says:

      James: It really depends on the offer. You can play through deposits / bonuses at low odds, underlay at high odds and so on. But it totally depends on the bookie and offer how you deal with a bonus. If you’re a PM member you get the exact instructions for how to deal with each specific bonus straight from the off.

  62. slim says:

    Thanks Chris, just looking for the next opportunity once I have built betting bank a bit with BB. As PM is free for thirty days I may take a look and see what it’s all about…

    Thanks Again.


  63. slim says:

    Hi Chris, have you used or reviewed the bonus bagging arb software? I am bonus bagging, finally joined through this site, and saw an ad for the software at £97+ vat.

    Have A Great Day.


    • Chris says:

      Hey Slim: I’ve not got an official review up but if it was between the arb software and Profit Maximiser then I’d definitely swing towards PM. It’s an education in online advantage play and earnings come easier and faster.

      That said – the arb software is a particularly good complimentary product for finding odds quickly if you really get into the swing of matched betting and can save a lot of time with all the reloads on offer.

  64. Jim says:

    Thanks for that Chris. (excuse my cackhandedness with Kim instead ofJim)

    I think I’ll click on a yellow banner as I want to crack on.

    Thanks again,


  65. Jim Curtis says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been wanting to sign to PM for some time now, but at the minute and for the next 3-4 weeks I’m very limited on funds.

    Should I wait or should I crack on?



    • Chris says:

      Hey Jim/Kim: The recommended starting balance is £500 but there are probably a few offers you could take on with a smaller bankroll. To be honest though I’d probably just wait it out fill you’re fully ready… Or – go through the yellow banners which are currently showing on this site and that will give you a month’s grace before paying the subscription fee if that helps at all.

  66. James says:

    Hi, I received your email about PM free for 30 days, how could it be free?

    • Chris says:

      Hi James: It’s a promotion for 30-days free access to Profit Maximiser which can be accessed from the yellow banners that are currently on my site.

      If you like it after 30 days, keep it and you’ll be billed the standard yearly fee. If it’s not for you then cancel.

      Simple as that really.

  67. Pete says:

    Hi, I seem to remember that when a betfair lay bet goes against you that you are liable for hefty losses. Is this not the case with the pm method?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Pete: You’re thinking of a standard Betfair lay bet which inherits the liability risk you are referring to.

      Instead, a big focus of PM is ‘matched betting’ which means to be place a bet at a bookmaker whilst laying off the bet at Betfair to ‘lock in’ profit. If the bet wins at the bookmaker it will lose at the exchange. If the bet loses at the bookmaker it will win at the exchange.

      This might seem like a fruitless task but when combined with bookmaker bonus offers you are effectively playing with THEIR money and thus making winning a sure thing.

      That said – there is no ‘PM Method’ per se. It’s a collection of ever-expanding instructional tutorials on how to make the most out of all kinds of advantageous offers with strong back-end community continuing to seek out such communities. It has more to its make-up than just matched betting.

      If you’re new to the idea of matched betting I’d take a look at my free eBook – and/or Bonus Bagging and you’ll hit the ground running.

  68. Steve says:

    Cheers for the prompt reply. I was a bit unclear how important signing up to new accounts was to successfully using Profit Maximiser.

    Pardon my greenness on this, but is it the case then that PM could be used continuously/almost indefinitely with existing as well as new bookie accounts?

    Matched betting is something I’ve seen mentioned on punting websites and e-mails I’ve received, however I’ve never got involved with it previously.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Steve: With PM you’re basically paying for access to a huge community and matter of fact instructions on how to complete pretty much any advantageous offer that is out there and available be it from a sportsbook, casino site or wherever. Bookies come and go, as do their offers – but PM is updated and evolves as the dynamics change. It is a resource that won’t be going away.

      There will always be ways to turn the odds in your favour against online gaming outfits. I’ve been matched betting since 2004 so that’s living proof of that.

  69. Steve says:

    Sounds good but I’ll have to leave this until I get a new passport to use as ID for the bookies I don’t have accounts with. Family commitments have meant passport renewal is not on my list of priorities, and amazing as it seems in this day and age, I don’t drive so can’t send a driving licence as proof of ID.

    One thing I’m unsure about is how dependent Profit Maximiser is – if at all – on signing up to new bookie accounts to generate income. I already have accounts with almost all of the UK’s major bookmakers, and I’m unclear if this would impact an the effectiveness of using Profit Maximiser.

    Also, is it a good idea to sign up for Bonus Bagging before Profit Maximiser?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Steve: Yep. Definitely a good idea to get ID sorted out before you jump in.

      To answer your question, Profit Maximiser takes advantage of lesser known bookmakers, spread betting firms, casino and bingo sites so I’d doubt that there are many new account offers that you wouldn’t be able to get involved with. The calendar also provides insight on how to complete regular reload offers issued by the likely many of the bookies you already have accounts with so no problems there. Those offers are for existing customers like you.

      If you sign up straight for PM without any knowledge of how matched betting works it will be a bit of a steeper learning curve but it’s not too difficult to get your head round. Read my eBook as displayed on this site and it will explain how it all works.

      I would generally advise that people start off with BB first though. In your case – the possible return won’t be quite as good because of your existing account status – but I’m sure there are a fair few bookies in there that you haven’t got accounts with yet and you could probably make a couple of hundred quid out of it. Making £200 or so from a £27 joining fee still represents a return on investment of over 600%. Still pretty damn good!

  70. morrice says:

    I am wanting to purchase Profit Maximiser now, but am in the process of buying a new laptop.

    Can I download to my current laptop now, and change to the new one next week?

    My guess is that you can only download once, hence I should wait for new one to arrive. Am I corrtect?



    • Chris says:

      Hey Morrice: There’s essentially nothing to download. You get a web login username and password and Profit Maximiser can be accessed from any computer. Whether you go for it now or wait a week won’t make any difference. :)

  71. george says:

    Hi.I am not a UK citizen.Can I use profit maximiser?

    • Chris says:

      Hi George: There may be some offers that are applicable to non-UK players but it’s probably still not particularly recommended I’m afraid.

  72. James says:

    Can we have more than one debitcard current account? I can keep using my credit card though. I usually send money to it before I join any new bookmaker, so it is in credit. I might need to check with my credit card provider to see if I can keep using it like it is a debit card.

    • Chris says:

      You can have as many current accounts with as many different banks as you want James. With regards to credit cards it doesn’t really work like that. Regardless of whether you have enough funds in a current account to finance a credit card transaction it’s still treated as a cash advance. Really don’t recommend.

      Let’s keep this comments section on topic to Profit Maximiser. If you have any non-PM related questions feel free to email me.

  73. James says:

    oh, am not sure I want to use my main debit card account, although I may have used it once or twice to open some. Maybe I should get a new debit card account to mainly open book maker accounts. When I use a credit card, I make sure I send credit to it with money first, or right after I join a bookmaker.

    • Chris says:

      An independent debit card account for matched betting is a good idea to help split your day-to-day financials from your deposits and withdrawals. :)

  74. James says:

    Hi Chris..when you open bookmaker accounts, do you usually use a credit card. And do you ever worry about security?

    • Chris says:

      I wouldn’t ever use a credit card for depositing to bookmakers since in most cases it will be viewed as a cash advance and incur a hefty interest rate. Use a debit card instead.

      In terms of security I’ve never had a problem and I have a ton of accounts. There’s actually a webinar within Profit Maximiser that you should watch also that explains the best measures you can take to protect yourself in any case.

  75. James says:

    Hi Chris. Do you use any betfair systems yourself?

    • Chris says:

      Hi James: I do a bit of trading but generally in tandem with advantage play offers where the odds are more in my favour anyway regardless of the outcome. Hence the high regard for PM.

  76. kevin says:

    Hi, I had numerous bookies accounts in the past with all the major ones but self excluded. Would I still be able to make a reasonable amount of money from this

    • Chris says:

      Hey Kevin: Self-excluded? You mean you opted out of bookmaker promotions? Check your account settings or speak with support and you should be able to opt back in. But in answer to your actual question yes you would. There are a ton of bookmakers you’re most likely not to have accounts with already alongside the bingo and casino offers.

  77. James says:

    The calendar? could you explain more on why it is such a strong selling point?

    • Chris says:

      Big sign-up offers are great but the real consistency in matched betting earnings comes from all the smaller weekly promo offers that bookmakers are forever pumping out. Now PM features a calendar (pictured in this review) which shows you what offers are available to hit each day of the week. Clicking through each offer will display the information on how to play/maximise it so you’ve got a quick reference with all the instructions laid out in front of you. I used to do this manually so it’s been a big time saver.

  78. James says:

    Hi Chris, how are you doing? How are you getting on with Profit Maximiser?

    • Chris says:

      Hi James: It’s still going strong and continually improving. The calendar in particular has been a revelation and now I believe one of the strongest selling points of the product which is actually often overlooked!

  79. Dan says:

    Just started using this software, im normally pretty skeptical about these things. Cant see how people make a consistent £500-1000 a month. You will earn your money back pretty much guaranteed within a few days if you go through the bingo bonuses, etc. But past that cant really see how you can make a guaranteed bonus income. Also would you believe as soon as you sign up your getting offered another bit of software? Its not a scam but when people refer to the forum they are talking a facebook page with these ‘threads’ that are actually facebook status’ with 1k+ comments on it which is literally impossible to go through

    • Chris says:

      Hi Dan: First of all I’d just like to make clear to others that Profit Maximiser is a collection of mentored video tutorials and betting instructions with an attached community. I just think its necessary to make that clear. I guess you could call it software in a loose sense but there’s nothing to install. :D

      In response to your comments it’s shame you seem to have created a negative opinion of a product before ever really giving it a fair trial? It barely sounds like you’ve scratched the surface.

      The figures you suggest aren’t just plucked out of the air. People are regularly reporting those kind of figures in the Facebook group. I’ve posted videos demonstrating that in fact on this here review!

      With regards to that Facebook group itself then I agree that it can sometimes feel a little cluttered. But Mike has posted instructions on how to effectively search it to find the information you need and the speed response rate in there is better than any other forum I’ve pretty much ever encountered. He has also recently introduced the betting calendar which means you can pinpoint which offers to hit every day without ever browsing through the forum if you so wish.

      Just for the record, there was also a recent poll on whether people would find a more standard web forum of which I believe is now being looked into.

      You might think of this as growing pains for an immensely popular product but nothing that actually hinders your ability to scoop a quite vast amount of money that is ripe for the picking.

      You are right that Mike has other products which others get a lot of value out of themselves but I again think it’s worth clarifying that nobody is forcing you to buy anything!

      When I book an airline ticket they normally ask me if I want insurance too… The lady at WHSmith always offers me chocolate when all I want is a magazine… This doesn’t upset me. If I don’t want it, I just politely decline?

      I really hope you actually give Profit Maximiser a proper chance and do reap the benefits that so many others have who have gone before you. I truly believe you might surprise yourself with what can be achieved.

      If not there’s a money back guarantee. Use it if you wish. That’s what it’s there for and you can’t really ask for any fairer than that.

      Good luck.

  80. Stevie says:

    I’m from the UK but I’ve read that most of the offers still require you to send your passport or driving license details. I’m really hoping this isn’t the case as I’m not keen on giving this info out.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Stevie: for identification purposes this is correct. There is no other effective way of them determining who is under 18 or who isn’t and all gaming vendors are duly obligated to ensure that theirs services are not being used by minors. I’ve sent scans of these documents off for years without issue. My advice is to just resize the image so it is readable but significantly smaller than the original scan so it would be impossible to replicate effectively.

      I really don’t believe this would ever be a problem though. In theory I guess you could block out the driving license ID or passport number. They shouldn’t need to see that (but some might still request it). Really they just want to see a name, face, address and date of birth.

  81. Barry says:

    Thanks for the reply Chris, Ill sort a gmail address out and forward the info to Mike and see how that goes.


  82. Barry says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have a few questions to ask about profit maximiser and the bonus bagging system, hope you can help?

    I have been trying to use bonus bagging for a few days now, when I have requested a bet its taken up to 9 hours to arrive and when ive received it, it was from a bookmakers im already subscribed to, I have requested several qualifying bets over the last 2 days but each one has taken well over the ” few minutes ” as stated and each one has been bookies that I already have accounts for, so disillusioned i have been thinking of trying the profit maximiser but concerned that the email support hasn’t been that fast in my experience over the last few days and im concerned that PM is also going to depend on bookmakers that I havent got accounts with. Also what is the difference between profit maximiser and bonus bagging arbs?

    Sorry for the long email.


    • Chris says:

      Hey Barry: I highly suspect that it has something to do with your email provider. I can see that you’re using a Hotmail address to leave this comment. If you’re also using that for Bonus Bagging then I would strongly advise you sign up for a free Gmail account and email Mike on to switch it on your account – but do check your spam filters and the ‘Promotions’ tab that Gmail annoyingly flags things to nowadays. Hotmail isn’t the service it once was sadly.

      The Bonus Bagging system is pretty much automated. In my Bonus Bagging video you can see it happen in real time over the course of a couple of minutes. There shouldn’t really be any delay outside of email provider issues so that’s the only thing I can think of. :|

      In the case of getting bets for bookmakers you already have accounts with… Login to Bonus Bagging then at the bottom of the page click the link that says Settings. Make sure you have ticked all the bookmakers in there you already have accounts with so you don’t get bets for them.

      Profit Maximiser is a great product that’s only getting bigger and better as days go by. The crux of offers outside in the back-end outside of the community forum are new so don’t really require existing accounts but I’d probably recommend scooping up all the cash available in Bonus Bagging before getting started.

      The arb software is designed to help you find matched bets quickly. It scrapes all the bookmaker odds available and shows easy comparisons with the betting exchanges. Profit Maximiser is all about new opportunities for advantage playing against the bookmakers, casino and bingo sites as well as a very useful community you become part of. I’d say go with PM for now definitely.

  83. m says:

    Hi Chris,

    Does starting with a larger bank affect the amount of return?


    • Chris says:

      M: I guess it would do so positively yes.

      But only for sake of fact that you can take on more offers at the same time and for sake of the bookmaker offers work within larger exchange liabilities.

  84. Tom Billington says:

    I have been using Profit Maximiser since launch and was skeptical it could be as good as Bonus Bagging.

    I do it on and off now and have made just over £2000 with £1000 of that being a big slots win however it’s still a 20x return on investment with the system.

    For those non-UK bloggers some members of PM are using a proxy service such as Pure VPN to connect to a server in the UK for the bonuses and promotions which are UK only.

    Great review John and more people should take advantage of Profit Maximiser

    • Chris says:


      I’d urge caution though to anyone following your tip on using a VPN to get UK offers. Why? Bookmakers aren’t looking purely at your IP address to decide whether to award you a bonus or not. They are predominantly looking at your mailing address. Using a VPN is theoretically OK if you normally live in the UK and want to access a bookmaker website and place bets when you’re on holiday for instance, but if you’re trying to con their system into thinking you’re a UK player when you live in the US or EU by way of example just by changing your IP address then you WILL get burnt. I do not recommend. Sorry non-UK & Ireland guys.

      In any case it’s pleasing to see your success with this service. Thanks for your comments.

      P.S. It’s Chris. ;)

      • Pete says:

        Can you supply more information on this and any cases you know of?:

        Bookmakers aren’t looking purely at your IP address to decide whether to award you a bonus or not.

        • Chris says:

          Hi Pete: I don’t have any particular example I’m afraid. To me it’s just common business sense that a bookmaker would be interested in all personal details to identify what is essentially account fraud.

          How they actually operate nobody will ever know for sure unless someone was to work at a bookmaker and broke their confidentiality agreement to speak out about their techniques. That’s unlikely.

          The simple line is that you should only ever have one account at a bookmaker. If there’s a worry about technicality of opening an account somewhere then it suggests the player is not on the best footing to begin with and if said account was ever flagged they would really have no leg to stand on.

          Not recommended.

      • Tom Billington says:

        Whoops :) Read the name from your last reply instead of your username

  85. John Reilly says:

    Hi Chris
    I signed up to Profit Maximiser at 9.30 this morning, but haven’t received anything from Mike in response. To be honest, I may have omitted to click on some link or other on the page that appeared after I paid my money (invoice No PJ6ME****7), as I found it somewhat confusing. I would appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance

    • Chris says:

      John: Sorry for the late reply but your message got flagged by my comment spam protection and I’ve only just fished it out.

      I’ve sent you an email to the address you commented from. Please let me know if you’re still having problems and I’ll speak to Mike and get it sorted.

      Incidentally – check that any welcome email didn’t suffer the same spam folder fate that your comment did!

  86. Daniele says:

    Thanks again. You’re a model of efficiency and courtesy. I will be inspired by your blog in mine.

    The issue is that I’m upset, because this seems one of the very few legitimate money making opportunities and I maybe will lose it.

    I will settle in the UK for some months and will have a Bank account and address in Uk. The issue, though, might be that I will place bets from abroad.
    No, I never did betting with english bookmakers, and I think, but onnly guessing, that you’re right and that the bookmakers will raise any issue, as the IP one, before paying.

    • Chris says:

      I guess it’s not unusual that UK players with UK accounts DO from time to time make bets from abroad and bookmakers no doubt have to realise this. That’s not to say they would like it though and it’s better to proceed with caution when your money is involved.

      Certainly if are set up for a while in the UK that would be a great opportunity to pull as much extra cash from this as you can. If you’ve got a bit of time there’s a lot you can achieve in a couple of months.

  87. Andrew says:

    Hi Chris

    Well done on a cracking review of the product. I recently signed up but haven’t received any of the welcome emails that I was supposed to receive within minutes of doing so. Sent emails to mike since but no reply.

    Any suggestions?

    • Chris says:

      Andrew: That’s unusual. Make sure these two email address are on your safe-senders whitelist.

      There’s a good chance that any messages have wrongly defaulted to your Spam/Junk folder. This happens with my own emails sometimes also.

      If you can’t find them in there then drop me a message through my Contact page on this site with the email you signed up with along with your Clickbank receipt reference and I’ll speak to Mike myself on your behalf to check.

  88. Daniele says:

    Hello Chris.
    Thanks, wonderful site.

    Please .. I’d love to jump in, but am not based in the UK. Do you think that having a UK bank account and address may suffice to get in?
    In other words, why you have to be UK based? Can you participate in the bets even from abroad?


    • Chris says:

      Daniele: Thanks!

      Some offers may be available outside the UK but you’d have to check the terms and conditions. For that reason I can only really hand on heart recommend it to people from the UK.

      If you have a UK bank account and address that’s great. If you connect to bookmakers however from another country then your IP address might be a problem.

      I really don’t have a definite answer for this. If you genuinely have a UK ID then I really don’t see why it would be too much of a problem. Maybe you could also use a VPN server to make your IP look like it is from the UK?

      Unfortunately though I can’t say for definite. Have you ever done any matched betting before? Have you ever faced any problems before now?

  89. James says:

    Infinite…seems too good to be true. You been doing this that long Chris. So do you have a normal day job at all.

    • Chris says:

      Hmmm.. I understand your reservations but I wouldn’t retract on using that word.

      There will obviously come a point when you have completed all off the viable signup offers but new bookmaker, casino and bingo reload offers pop up on a daily basis and I have never known it to be any different.

      Don’t forget that if you decide to invest in PM then you are protected by the 30-day Clickbank regulated money back guarantee. You don’t just have to take mine or anybody else’s word for it. You can effectively evaluate it yourself.

      As for your other question: yes I do work. Advantage play gambling isn’t my only source of income.

      It’s great as a tax-free pay packet bumper but I would never feel comfortable with relying on it completely. There will of course be others who think and act differently.

  90. nick says:

    Hi Chris , how long does it take roughly to earn 500 pm using the methods in PM , and also is there a limited shelf life in terms of offers available ( I found this to be the case with bonus bagging..) Cheers

    • Chris says:

      Nick: You could clear £500 in a month quite easily and this is something a lot of PM members will already be achieving.

      I think when the spreadbetting offers pop up in the near future you’ll be able to clear that amount on them alone.

      The shelf life is effectively infinite. About 2 offers per day pop up in the Facebook group on top of all the instructional videos for various long-term offers Mike is continually adding to the site.

      I’ve been a matched better for about 9 years now (that’s crazy I know) and there has never been a shortage of opportunity to make money from it.

  91. Russ says:

    What is the minimum betting bank required to start with Profit Maximiser?



    • Chris says:

      Russ: Mike recommends £500. I’d agree. I also think you maybe could get away with a little bit less but I’m not gonna argue. Mike really does know his products!

  92. James says:

    Yeah I see what you mean. However, am not really a Facebook user, will that affect in using the pm system?

    • Chris says:

      There’s a whole host of offers, instructions and videos on the main PM site once you login. The Facebook group is just an extension to that.

      Even if you don’t use Facebook I would advise signing up just to use the Profit Maximiser group. You don’t need to keep your account active, add people or use it regularly.

  93. Chris says:

    Hi James:

    Depositing with different bookmakers is the nature of matched betting! Profit Maximiser is similar to Bonus Bagging in this sense but the offers tend to be bigger.

    I would say in general people are making £500-1000 a month from PM with others reporting a bit more. If you strike lucky on one of the casino or bingo offers then that ‘bit more’ can be quite significant.

    The Facebook community is also seriously rocking with people sharing their knowledge and that’s a huge draw for this product.

    If you want so speed up your earning and have already built up a bankroll of cash from using Bonus Bagging then should you feel comfortable and your Betfair balance allows it then there’s nothing from stopping you taking part in multiple offers at the same time.

  94. James says:

    Hi Chris.

    Realistically how much does someone make in profit maximiser. I like bonus bagging but it means continuously joining bookmakers in order to keep earning..then sometimes verify age with I.d can slow system down. Do we have to join a bookmaker every time to earn in profit maximiser?

  95. Chris says:

    M.P.: No. It’s not completely restricted to England and Ireland citizens. There are plenty of offers residents of other counties can involve themselves in but it depends on restrictions of individual bookmakers.

    My recommendation is that you email prior to signing up if you’re unsure about anything. He’s super fast with replies and will be sure to give you a conclusive answer based on your circumstances.

  96. M.P. says:

    Is this product just for England and Ireland citizens as it seems? Thanks in advance