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Profit Maximiser: Q&A with Mike Cruickshank

If you’re looking for more information on Mike Cruickshank’s latest bonus barmy betting product then this Profit Maximiser Q&A with the man himself might just be the ticket.

8 simple questions, 8 straight forward answers:

1) In a nutshell – what is Profit Maximiser?

MC) Profit Maximiser teaches users how to cash out bonuses by themselves. It covers sports, casino, bingo & spread betting bonuses. I have made a video for each offer showing me placing the bets & how to calculate everything. It also includes a forum that has the latest offers being posted by the users and it’s very busy! We are getting on average 3 offers posted each day and even more at the weekend.

2) How is it different to Bonus Bagging? 

MC) Well it’s a similar process to Bonus Bagging, but I’ve been careful not to include anything that is covered in BB. But the real benefit is that I cover extra areas such as casino, bingo and spread betting bonuses. You can earn some bigger profits in these areas and it sets it apart from the sports based stuff we’ve focused on before.

3) Do you need to have used Bonus Bagging in the past?

MC) No you don’t, but it may help you if you have no betting experience to use Bonus Bagging first.

4) Is it all risk-free?

MC) Most of the product is risk free, however there are some advantage play areas which are not risk free. Anything that is not risk free is clearly labelled.

5) Whats the advantage of using Profit Maximiser as opposed to finding bonus offers on your own?

MC) It saves a lot of time! It takes hours trawling google to find bonus offers and even when you do, you don’t know how safe the companies are. I do all that work for my clients and show them how to cash it out. You also get the advantage to being able to ask me any questions which are always answered within a few hours.

6) How active is the community?

MC) Very active. There are around 30 posts a day with roughly 500 comments. Always new offers being posted with users discussing how best to attack the offer.

7) How much should people expect to make?

MC) That’s really down to the user and their starting bank.  And of course, it depends how much they do. I can’t see it being a problem making the membership fee back within a few days, even for cautious people. In fact, we’ve had dozens of testimonials that prove that.

8) Do you have a refund policy?

MC) Yes a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If you don’t like the product, then you can return it for a no questions asked 100% refund during the first 30 days.

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Additionally – something I forgot to ask but am happy to slip in myself:

You are only guaranteed to be awarded all bonuses if you are in the UK or Ireland.

There are other players using Profit Maximiser from additional countries – BUT the majority of bonuses do not allow it as per restrictions laid out in their terms and conditions. You should get into the habit of always checking T&C’s before signing up to a new bonus offer.

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  1. john says:

    thanks Chris, I am sure its me and not PM, thousands of people can’t be wrong. I will check BF and let you know
    regards John

  2. john says:

    to follow on from above free bet @ £30
    set calc to snr
    odds @ bookie 4.5 betfair 4.7 lay £22.58 with liabilty £83.55
    outcome plus £21.45
    bet wins at betfair, account from qualifier 98.50 plus win from free bet now £119.95.

    so my bank is £500 minus £130 deposits £370 plus betfair funds = £489.95, lost £10.05
    regards john

    • Chris says:

      Hi John: That all looks correct to me. But the free bet is immaterial at this point…

      As I identified earlier the problem was with the qualifier bet. You’ve already lost money in your circumstance before you even place the free bet. Given the calculations you’ve showed me I can’t see why. Your Betfair balance should be greater than it is.

      If you want to email me a screenshot of your Betfair history for these bets I’ll try and figure out what’s gone wrong.

  3. john says:

    qualifying bet at low odds, set calc to normal. odds @ bookie 1.85 @ betfar 1.90
    lay £30 liabilty £27 overall outcome minus £1.50
    regards john

    • Chris says:

      I think it’s better to email than fill the comments here with discussion on a particular bet but with those figures:

      Lay: £30.00
      Lay liability: £27.00
      If bookmaker bet wins: £-1.50
      If exchange lay bet wins: £-1.50

      If the lay won then from a £100 starting balance your end balance once settled should be £128.50 and awaiting the free bet.

  4. john says:

    I am failing to see where the profits are, I must be doing something wrong as all I see are people making money, can I give you a real example.

    start bank £500
    deposit betfair £100
    first bookie with PM deposit £30 —
    bet £30 at low odds – overall outcome – 80p lay bet wins
    betfair a/c now £99.20

    free bet £30 bet at over 4.0 overall outcome +£22.70
    bet wins on Betfair. Betfair a/c now £121.90 Bookie a/c nil.

    so I have £370 of my £500 start up and £121.90 in betfair a total of £491.90.

    where does the profit come from? I need help on this before I ditch PM.

    second bookie
    deposit £30 low odds to an outcome of – £1.10. lay bet wins Betfair now at £120.80
    free bet at £30, high odds to an outcome of +£15.70 lay bet wins so betfair at £136.50
    bookie a/c at nil.

    so i have £340 of my start bank and £136.50 in betfair a total of £476.50 ??

    • Chris says:

      Hi John: It looks to me at a glance that you’re not calculating the qualifying bets correctly. How are you calculating them?

      For instance in the case of the first matched bet: your Betfair balance should increase by £25-30 if the lay bet wins. Yours decreases from £100 to £99.20.

      By the time you have the free bet you’re already negative by £30.80 thus wiping out any potential profit the free bet itself would bring.

  5. James says:

    Hi, do you still use PM?

  6. Luke says:

    Can any of this work from Australia?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Luke: Not on the same level it does for UK players sadly. You may still find some opportunity with gaming sites who don’t exclude Australian residents from bonus promotions but you’d have to check the terms and conditions of each site.

  7. Chris says:

    Can two people from the same household do bonus bagging and profit maximiser? I only ask as I didn’t think the betting sites give the offers to more than one person per household.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Chris: For the most part no – offers are normally limited to one person per address / IP. Some offers are an exception. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each offer or contact the bookmaker support if it’s ever not clear.

  8. Kennt says:

    I’ve done about 7/8 sign up offers myself. Would you still recommend bonus bagging before profit maximiser or go straight onto PM?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kennt: Probably not in your case no if you’re comfortable with how it all works. I’d dive straight into PM and carry on working through any offers you’ve missed as you come across them.

  9. Dave says:

    Im starting from stracth so what’s the best sort of money to have in exchange account ready? And money ready for signing up to new accounts etc

    • Chris says:

      Hi Dave: If you’re completely new to matched betting my advise would be to check out Bonus Bagging first.

      The recommended minimum starting bank for Bonus Bagging is £100. For Profit Maximiser it’s £500. This will be split between offers and exchange as specified in the instructions you will gain access to dependent on whatever offer you are taking on. Obviously if you have a larger cashflow this can only be a good/helpful thing which will allow you to take on more offers at the same time without suffering from a lack of liquidity. But I would recommend you take things slowly and ramp it up with experience.

  10. John says:

    I have about 12 bookie accounts at the moment, is it difficult to get these free bets once you have signed up to any further bookie sites

    • Chris says:

      Most PM users have actually come from Mike Cruicshank’s flagship product Bonus Bagging. With that – pretty much every PM user will probably actually on average have more than 12 accounts anyway so you wouldn’t be an exception.

      In any case, there a ton of bookies out there so trust that 12 accounts isn’t a particularly big number in matched betting terms!

      It’s worth mentioning though Profit Maximiser isn’t just about bookie sign-up opportunities. Consistent profits actually come from the multiple weekly reload offers that displayed in the PM calendar alongside the plethora of bingo and casino offers ripe for the picking.