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Matched Betting Forum: Discuss Matched Betting Tips!

Matched Betting Forum: Discuss Matched Betting Tips!

Matched Betting Forums: Staying Ahead of the Curve

If you’re hunting for a matched betting forum then you’ve probably already surpassed the stage of asking ‘How Does Matched Betting Work?’ and are instead looking for a community of like-minded individuals who you can discuss this intuitive betting strategy with and share matched betting tips with.

Let’s face it. Matched betting as a lone ranger can be a bit depressing.

Nobody around you gets it. Nobody understands what you are doing. Many of your friends think you’re a gambling addict who is on the path to financial ruin and your ‘lucky streak’ will will turn into an unlucky slide soon.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve interacted with offline friends about matched betting, only to be rewarded with disbelieving looks and pity!

Yes – like it was a bad thing that I’m banking thousands of pounds extra each year, tax-free, for relatively little work.

But aside from the happiness factor and motivational aspect of surrounding yourself in a community with risk-free bets running through their blood, there’s a lot to be said for the matched betting tips, take-aways and real-time opportunities you will extract from a matched betting forum.

The Best Matched Betting Forum?

Now, there are a few matched betting forums which exist in various capacities, many of which I have been a member at some time or other.

These days I lean towards the Profit Maximiser community which is orchestrated through a Facebook group.

Actually – Profit Maximiser was never set-up to exist solely as a matched betting forum. The original idea was to provide step-by-step instruction to complete all positive expected value offers from any gaming offer available online and consolidate those walkthroughs into a members site.

This is not a free product / forum. The best matched betting forums are not free and this is for good reason.

Here’s why:

Matched betting has existed for a rather long time already now. It will continue to exist of course until the day that bookmakers stop handing out free bet bonuses (i.e. never!).

This means that there are already quite a lot of people who a regular matched bettors.

In the Profit Maximiser Facebook “Secret Group” alone look how many active subscribers there are as I write this blog post right now. (Note: if you are reading beyond the publish date then this number will have likely increased yet further).

Matched Betting Forum: Matched Betting Tips in the Profit Maximiser Forum

Nearly 6,000 matched betting forum members!

Now consider that other forums and communities exist probably with membership levels into the thousands of people as well, alongside the guys and girls that are flying solo, and you’re probably beginning to realise that the amount of people matched betting stems into the tens of thousands.

That’s tens of thousands of people looking for the best offers.

That’s tens of thousands of people looking for the best odds.

The Truth About Matched Betting Tips

When it comes to private forums vs. public forums on the internet you tend to always see two common characteristics, regardless of what the subject matter of the forum is about:

  1. Private forum members are incredibly more open to sharing information (i.e. latest matched betting tips and techniques, new offers, opportunities etc)

  2. Private forums tend to be ahead of the curve in their ‘news-gathering’, and what I mean by this is that information begins private and ends public. The hottest opportunities are already shared privately first before it leaks into the public domain.

So I hope you can see where I’m coming from with this now.

Whilst there are a lot of matched betting offers which have stood the test of time and are seemingly never going away, these sign-up offers are just the tip of the iceberg in what’s achievable and accessible to make money from.

The consistent long-term money comes from completing the more obscure offers – refund offers, if offers, current event promotional offers.

To hit big numbers in the matched betting world it helps to have access to the best information and the best information comes form private matched betting forums like that you’ll find in Profit Maximiser.

You don’t just have to take my word for it.

You can get a 14-day trial of Profit Maximiser – gaining access to all the step-by-step instructional text and video guides alongside the Facebook secret group matched betting forum – by clicking this link and taking it for a test drive yourself.

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  1. Christine J. Oyer says:

    Yes this is true. My family and friends couldn’t believe that I earn that much through matched betting. All this time, they thought I was just some lazy person doing nothing at home! When they learned how big my earnings through match betting is, they now ask me for match betting tips! Oh boy, humans!