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Matched Betting Calculator | Excel Spreadsheet Tool

Matched Betting Calculator - Matched Betting Spreadsheet

If you’re looking for a matched betting calculator with a super-handy matched betting spreadsheet to record all your betting activity then you’re in the right place. This intuitive matched betting tool will have you solving how to work out a bet in no time at all.

Matched Betting Explained

Now that you are this far down the road I will assume you already have a strong and thorough understanding of matched betting already having read something like my matched betting guide.

This is important! A matched betting calculator and matched betting spreadsheet will do all the heavy lifting in determining appropriate bet sizes, lay stakes, and helping you track your progress, but you still need to have a good idea of how these calculations are coming to pass and how you should be utilising them.

Suffice to say – no risk matched betting only works if you understand what you are doing.

Making mistakes at some point down the long road ahead is perhaps inevitable, but you need to minimise this possibility as much as you can as one mistake can sometimes unravel a good few days of progress.

Disclaimer aside here is what you get with my simple, custom built matched betting spreadsheet:

Matched Betting Calculator

From within the matched betting calculator screen you are able to input the make-up of your matched bets.

You can mouse click or tab between the yellow input fields as you wish and all the calculations will respond dynamically to your entered data.

[thrive_2step id=’3554′]Matched Betting Calculator - Matched Betting Spreadsheet[/thrive_2step]

Please take a particular note of the BET TYPE selector by which you can either choose “Qualifier / Arb” or “Free Bet”.

[thrive_2step id=’3554′]Matched Betting Spreadsheet - Free Bet Calculation[/thrive_2step]

There are three buttons on the matched betting calculator.

The Today button will enter today’s date into the relevant input field.

Clear Input will clear all the data you have entered into the matched betting calculator so you can start fresh with a new bet easily.

Clicking Add to Betting Log will take all the entered information and submit to the Betting Log worksheet.

Matched Betting Spreadsheet

[thrive_2step id=’3554′]Matched Betting Spreadsheet Betting Log[/thrive_2step]

As you can see, the Betting Log worksheet allows you to keep a track of all the bets you have placed.

This part of the matched betting spreadsheet will also record your running total profit which is calculated from the addition of all amounts in the Profit/Loss column.

As you place more and more bets, adding them to the Betting Log as you go, it is great to see your accumulated profits go up and up so this little box should be pretty motivational for you to keep going on and moving forward with this great little betting strategy.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Betting Log worksheet is completed unlocked for your own modifications.

I know that sometimes you may forget to add a bet through the calculator, maybe you want to account for another kind of bet you’ve done or you used a specific offer spreadsheet that somebody created and distributed through a matched betting forum. That’s fine.

You can add more rows to the Betting Log as you require. Just make sure keep the existing column headings.

Tracking Your Matched Betting Bookies

Another useful little worksheet within this matched betting spreadsheet is called Accounts.

[thrive_2step id=’3554′]Matched Betting Spreadsheet - Accounts Worksheet[/thrive_2step]

There are no dynamic calculations in this sheet.

It is purely used as a way of keeping records of your accounts and you can edit the rows, columns, headings or whatever part of it to meet your own requirements.

Personally – I find it useful to have all my bookmaker login details to hand so you can easily log in and switch between bookies with minimum fuss.

I created this matched betting calculator and spreadsheet resource as a bonus for readers of the site. I really hope you find it useful and it inspires you to make even more money! :)

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  1. David says:

    Newbie question here…
    Why does the calculation give a profit/loss without asking whether your back or lay bet won? Surely the profit/loss will differ on whether your back or lay bet won?

    • Chris says:

      Haha. No – that’s the point of matched betting. To eliminate chance and lock in a determined profit REGARDLESS of the outcome. Check out my eBook in the sidebar if you haven’t already. ;)

      • Simon says:

        This is not entirely true, depending on outcome the profit can vary by a couple of pence. Not much, but it’s nice for the numbers to match exactly. Also, really nice spreadsheet, best looking I’ve seen.