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Day 5: Bonus Bagging Odds Matching Arbitrage Software Review

I think we can conclude from my previous posts that the Bonus Bagging arbitrage software works. More importantly, it works well! There hasn’t ever been a point where we’ve been stuck. All instructions are outlined thoroughly and all eventualities of betting scenarios have been considered in its design.

My primary reason for championing this service however is its ability to save time. I don’t want to sit at the computer all day ploughing through bookmaker odds. I’ve done it before. It makes my eyes twitch. That’s why I consider being able to press a button and have all the calculations done for me such a luxury.

To provide this bonus bagging arbitrage software trial for you takes me about 40 minutes every day. 30 minutes of that is taking the screenshots and writing. The actual betting accounts for 10 minutes. Can anybody tell me any other ways to make between £10 and £50 a day risk-free for 10 minutes work? There certainly aren’t many!

Our free bet from Day 2 settled last night. Hoffenheim beat Kaiserslautern 3-1. This meant our PaddyPower bet on the draw lost and our Betfair bet against the draw won.

Halmstads and Norrkoping drew 1-1 meaning our William Hill bet won and we lost at Betfair.

Let’s review account balances:

PaddyPower: £21 – READY TO WITHDRAW
Ladbrokes: £0 (£10 placed on Sevilla to win on Sunday)
William Hill: £60 – READY TO WITHDRAW
Stan James: £0 (£10 placed on Thun to beat Sion on Saturday)
Betfair: £16.44 (£42.40 tied up in liability between Ladbrokes and StanJames bets)

We are being slowed down a bit due to our bets being on football matches over the weekend. We obviously need to wait for them to settle but in the meantime they are killing our Betfair balance. I could wait for these games to finish before continuing. However, for sake of demonstrating the bonus bagging arbitrage software over these 7 days I want to continue with the momentum. To pump up our Betfair balance I’m going to deposit the money I withdrew from Skybet (£22.50) a couple of days back along with the £21 and £60 I just removed from PaddyPower and William Hill.

New Betfair Balance: £119.94

Time to start betting. Let’s hit ‘Request New Bet’ and see where we’re headed today.


A bonus bagging email for a £20 free bet.

It’s a £20 free bet today!


After clicking the link I head off to the bookmaker.


A bonus offer from Bwin.

On arrival at Bwin they are keen to remind me of the money they want to give me!

Finding odds at Bwin for bonus bagging.

After signing up I navigate to the odds.

The Bwin bet slip

I load up my bet slip, check it and place the bet.


Ok so I’m betting on Getafe to beat Rayo Vallecano for £20 at odds of 2.20 at Bwin. Now let’s head over to Betfair..


Bonus Bagging with Betfair.

I lay £20.09 against Getafe at odds of 2.24.


In qualifying for the £20 free bet I will lose 91p between my Bwin bet and Betfair. That’s a pretty good qualifying bet. Of note – this match will be played on Sunday so I’ll need to wait till then before I can do anything more here.

Got time for another bookmaker? I think so..


A Bonus Bagging email from Mike.

I request my bet and Mike sends me a new email.


It’s a great offer. Awesome. Now we’re slowly creeping towards making some big money. Time to place the bets:


Placing a bet at Coral.

I’ll be betting on Alcorcon for £49.80 at odds of 2.56.

The Coral bookmaker bet slip.

I deposit and place £50 on the selection.

Matched betting with Betfair.

At Betfair I lay £49.80 at odds of 2.56 as per the instructions in the email.


All done. Between Coral and Betfair I will have locked in a loss totalling £2.69 to be rewarded a free bet of £50. You can’t complain with that! This match will finish on Saturday and along with my ongoing Ladbrokes and StanJames bets I currently have quite a bit of exposure at Betfair. Instead of continuing to redeposit I think tomorrow I will take a day off. Normal service will be resumed on Sunday when my money has been freed up.

Profit Total: £35.20 – £0.91 – £2.69 = £31.60

Today was all about setting up my Super Sunday where I’ve got a £50 and £10 bet to play with. It’s going to be a profitable day! With Bonus Bagging arbitrage software we’ve hit the ground running. Will the betting offers keep on coming for day six?

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  1. Fred says:

    Hi Chris,

    I tried Bonus Bagging and it worked fine but once all the free offers had been used up there was no more money to be made. I’m currently ‘£1 trialling’ Profit Maximiser and to be honest 90% of the strategies are beyond me as I’m not familiar with the betting world. Nevertheless, I can see that the ‘Bet X Get X Free Strategy’ which is the same as Bonus Bagging will reap dividends but again, once the free bets have been used up, where do you go from there? As others, and you, have said previously, arbitraging requires higher stakes and as for Dutching and the other strategies, they may as well be discussing nuclear physics. It appears to me that for someone like me who just wants to make a few quid here and a few quid there and who is not familiar with betting, this programme (PM) is of limited value. Your comments would be welcome.


    • Chris says:

      Hi Fred: New free bets appear every day on the PM calendar and with other sites popping up all the time. Strategies can take a while to get your head round but once you’ve got it you’ve got it. There’s no shortcut unfortunately. It’s just a case of studying and practicing until you feel confident with it. Then things will get a lot faster.

  2. valon says:

    Hello there! Thanks for providing us with such an in depth review of Bonus Bagging. I live outside UK and Ireland and am interested in trying this out and done some research regarding to the bonuses offered by various betting websites. I would not flag this as an UK and Ireland product only because many websites offer free bets for other countries too, sooo… lets cash them out :) .

    • Chris says:

      Hey Valon: Matched betting is certainly a technique which can work anywhere in the world whereby bookmakers offer free bets. There’s no doubting that and I strongly advise you to read through my eBook and take action on that at whichever bookmakers you are allowed.

      The problem with recommending Bonus Bagging as a product to players outside the UK & Ireland is the fact that it is pre-loaded to automate a string of offers specifically targeted at the UK market. This means that some of the email instructions might not correlate to a bonus that differs in its amount and terms to players outside of the UK.

      It would be a massive ask to tailor the Bonus Bagging back-end to cater for every nationality of player out there and since T&C’s are always changing nigh impossible to keep up to date. It is for this reason that the product owner himself also only will only recommend his system to UK players and my reviews reflect on that.

      Thanks for your support. :)

  3. Eddie says:

    Did the £27 Bonus Bagging and very pleased with the service and the profits of £375 in 3 weeks …having been informed by email all bookmakers used I signed up for Profit Maximiser …however coincidently at that very same time my working hours had increased and now work 7am to 9pm Sun to Friday and Sat off …therefore delving into Profit Maximiser has been impossible due to the time limitations ….I was emailed the offer for The Risk Free Arbitrage Software @ £97 and this looks good for me or a better option due to my lack of free time because of my long working hours ….all I need really is quick risk free bets no more than £20 a day …..what do you think ….I also will have Profit Maximiser which I can use on my hols or days off …….ps need daily money as I’m on min wage hence long working days ….Free Arbitrage Software for me would be my best option …..hope to hear from you

    • Chris says:

      Eddie: It’s no doubt a good product the only thing I would say is if cashflow is a bit of a problem then it might get on top of you as purely working with arbs normally requires large stakes at bookmakers and Betfair. I think you would do just as well to study the PM material and make moves on that over a sequence of days rather than lump money down on arbs. Money wise I’d also expect you to profit bigger and faster with that route. There’s a money back guarantee with it through Clickbank so you could always take a look and judge whether it will work for you.

  4. Alan says:

    I’ve tried Bonus Bagging and it was great. I made quite a bit of money easily. Went on and signed up for Profit Maximiser but didn’t like it and asked for a refund which Mike was happy to give me.
    I now quite fancy having a go at Bonus Bagging arbitrage software. However my experience with similar products has left me wondering because with the ones I’ve used you have to put on about £200 to make a fiver. It hardly seems worth it. And by the time you get to the bookies site to put the bet on – too late the odds have moved against you!
    Can you tell me – is Bonus Bagging arbitrage software going to be any different??

    • Chris says:

      Alan: Arbing does have its pitfalls and odds can move quickly – in some sports especially more than others – but that’s the name of the game. By nature yes your stakes are likely to be considerable to make back what you deem a small return. But if you did two bets that made you £5 each a day that would amount to £300 a month which is not to be sniffed at.

      I find the arb software useful for matching bets from the bookmaker offers that are in the Profit Maximiser calendar. What was it you didn’t get on with with that product? Without hesitation that’s where there’s big money to be made with matched betting so I’m always intrigued to hear what didn’t quite work for those that opted out.

  5. Bogdan says:


    Do you know a bonus bagging software that lets you get the bouneses fo betting sites where you just sign up put some money place youre bet and then get the money.Not like bonus baggaing the service?

    • Chris says:

      Bogdan: Sorry I missed your message over Christmas however I’m not actually sure what you’re looking for? If you just want to get bookmaker bonuses without locking in risk-free profit then just sign up, bet, get the bonus and bet it again – although I’m not sure that’s what you mean. Feel free to send me an email. :)

  6. Donna says:

    is this software just for UK/IReland or could be used world wide-as long as one can place bets

    • Chris says:

      Donna: Sorry it’s probably might fault that I titled this specific post a little incorrectly.

      ‘Bonus Bagging’ – Mike’s flagship product that makes use of signup bonuses – is limited to the UK & Ireland.
      ‘Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software’ – a different product focuses completely on displaying out of line odds – would be usable world wide as you say providing the bookmakers allow customers from your country.

  7. CHRIS says:

    Hi there

    I have been debating PM or BBAS and have come to the decision to get BBAS. Chris, could you advise what betting bank would be good to start with and how many bets it would take to say get £20-£30 profit a day and how long that would take with the arb software?

    Good results, well done.

    • Chris says:

      Hey there. :)

      Just confirming – have you used Bonus Bagging before or never at all?

      If you’re completely new to matched betting then Bonus Bagging is a perfect start. A bankroll of £100 will suffice from the off.

      On from that I definitely recommend Profit Maximiser simply because the best way to be profitable through bookmakers will always be through exploiting their bonus offers.

      If bonuses are on the table I’d always grab them ahead of purely looking for arbs. It’s more profitable and easier to maintain accounts long term.

      It’s also worth nothing that for me one of the biggest selling points of Profit Maximiser is the super active community you gain access to. I’d personally recommend going that way if you think you’re looking to ramp up from Bonus Bagging.

  8. Brendan says:

    Top information on this trial I’ve been following all the way through. Helped me make my decision. Made a couple of hundred in a couple of weeks. Just wanted to say thanks bro.