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Accumulator Generator Review

In this Accumulator Generator review we shall be looking at the product with the mouthful of a name that claims to deliver many pocketfuls more cash to your daily betting earnings, with very little risk to your fortunes.

Has Mike Cruickshank pulled another rabbit out of the hat? He just might well have done.

Accumulator Generator Review

If you’ve come across this accumulator product review by chance then you might have no idea who I’m talking about. So let me introduce you:

Mike is a stalwart of online betting products, creator of the most fabled Bonus Bagging and the more recent Profit Maximiser. The latter product works by consolidating all the very best bookmaker and gaming offers available under one roof with direct instructions on how to maximise your return from each opportunity and it’s been a roaring success.

His private Facebook members community of active subscribers at the time of writing stretches to nearly 6000 members.

But let’s be matter of fact here. Most of you probably know Mike.

If you don’t know Mike then let’s keep it simple: when it comes to odds and opportunities, this guy knows his onions.

What is Accumulator Generator?

A whole heap of bookmakers offer consistent, regular, daily offers for punters who bet on accumulators.

This is because they want your custom and these offers, for the most part, are pretty safe for them.

They know that over a fixed period they will make their money back on them due to the way the odds are calculated.

Terms and conditions for these offers vary but a common offer is to refund your stake as a free bet if ONE leg of your accumulator lets you down.

Let’s look at an example:

Imagine we have a four-fold (selection) accumulator.

3 of our selections are correct and winners. The other was incorrect and was a loser.

Our bet was let down by one leg/selection and we would be due a refund free bet as per the promotional guidelines.

Making the most of these kind of offers has always been possible. But manually searching for and calculating the correct lay stakes / strategy for them has also always been a complete nightmare.

This is where Accumulator Generator comes into its own.

Accumulator Generator is a web software package, accessible from your browser window with no additional requirements, designed to pull all the very best odds from bookmakers who maintain these accumulator based daily offers before identifying all profitable opportunities, presenting them for your inspection and providing ability to calculate the require lay stakes to achieve maximum reward instantly.

As soon as I saw this thing I knew it was going to be an ingenious bit of kit, and I was right.

Here’s a quick peek from within the main software odds matching portal:

The main bet window of Accumulator Generator

Once you click the button, the calculator loads and this is where the real magic happens:

Accumulator Generator Calculator

Why should you be excited about Accumulator Generator?

As you might be able to tell already, this product has got me pretty pumped up and it’s not just because of the tongue twister of a title.

Whether you’re a new reader or not, you may be able to spot that I’m quite a big fan of matched betting.

Matched betting was my freedom to party when at university. It was my travel money. It saved me from debt and it became my disposable income. It’s chuffing awesome. And I’m so happy so many thousands of people wondering what on earth this matched betting was all about have jumped on the money train now having downloaded my free matched betting guide. That’s great.

But let’s get back on topic.

What’s so exciting about Accumulator Generator?

It’s because it represents a huge evolution in the matched betting world.

  • There is no reliance on sign-up offers or specific time restricted reloads.
  • Many bookmakers have permanent regular accumulator offers to entice players to place multiples with them.
  • Bookmakers love accumulators because the compounded over-rounding of multiple bets creates a much bigger house edge for them.
  • Players have a much better chance of keeping the bookies happy rather than be labelled as an unprofitable customer whilst placing accumulators.
  • The provided software makes all the faffing around calculating accumulator bets a thing of the past. It’s so flippin’ easy!
  • Five different betting strategies allow you to mix and match the earning potential / risk or no-risk level to your own tastes.

So yes, before we go any further, Accumulator Generator is indeed another Mike Cruickshank system which focuses around bookmaker bonus play.

With that said – I’m sorry my worldwide friends when I say that this one is another UK and Ireland only product.

Despite the plethora of people contacting me seeking to get round that there’s simply nothing can be done about that. It’s the nature of the bookmaker bonus beast. Dem’s da rules, innit.

What are the five Accumulator Generator betting systems?

There are five betting systems / strategies that are currently live within Accumulator Generator.

Do not get confused by this. They all have their merits.

Which one you chose is totally dependant on your own comfort level, whether you like to play things no risk or low risk and/or whether you want a variable return or a steadier even return on each set of bets.

Once you log in to Accumulator Generator you will find a training centre which explains the usage of each system through video with real life examples, but for now, as you continue to decide whether this product is perhaps right for you, I will explain the theory behind each one.

Back, Lay and Hope (Low Risk)

This is the simplest of all systems and takes advantage of the fact that is often just one leg of a favourite priced accumulator bet which lets the punter down.

These bets consist generally of four/five or six selections with staggered start times. i.e. Selection one’s event begins on Saturday at 3:00pm. Selection two’s event begins at 5:30pm on Saturday. Selection three kicks offs at 12:00pm on Sunday, and so on.

Once the generated accumulator has been placed you would then head to the betting exchange and lay off the FIRST selection at the calculated lay stake.

If the first selection LOSES you would cease betting any further.

If the first selection WINS then you go lay off the SECOND selection before the event kicks off. This is repeated until you hit a loss or the string of bets finishes with all bets winning.

If more than one leg lets you down, or all the selections are winners, you would incur a small loss.

If only ONE leg lets you down then you would be due a refund / free bet to the size of your betting stake (i.e. £50).

Bonus Included (No Risk)

With this method there is no hit and hope. Rather, you will profit regardless of the outcome.

Like before, these bets consist of four/five or six selections with staggered start times and you’d place the lay stake on the FIRST selection at the same time as your accumulator bet.

In this instance you would keep laying in this match after match fashion until your hit TWO losses from your selections or the string of bets finishes with all bets winning.

What you find generally with this strategy is the further down the accumulator legs you go, the larger your potential profit whereas if the first bet was to lose you will still be profitable, just not quite so fly.

Locked in Refund (No Risk)

In the last strategy, sometimes results play in your favour and yield bigger profits, and other times not.

If you’re more a fan of completely rock, solid, stable profits without much variation then this system might be for you.

With the Lock in Refund checkbox selected, your earnings will roughly work out to the expected value as indicated on the Acca Matcher selection screen. Remember: the EV figures are based on a £50 stake.

In this example – your £50 acca would look to return about £10.08.

With this system, although you must keep laying off to TWO losses as in the system before, it doesn’t matter what happens.

The exact amount of profit is always near-enough determined from the off and you lock in a guaranteed yield.

Advantage Play (Low Risk)

If you like a flutter then of course there is the option of not laying the bet off at all… And this is what is meant by the Advantage Play method.

Despite the fact that the Acca Matcher selections are pulled randomly based on best bookmaker odds, this idea is not as crazy as it may seem at first glance – though this strategy is not recommended for players with limited experience of matched betting (< 1 year).

Given the fact that by taking the absolute best expected value odds on offer from a bookmaker you are levelling the house edge bookmakers achieve from their rounding, the software can identify some great winning selections provided you stick to low odds combinations (totalling 4.0 and under).

There is a special filter in the software to find suitable bets for this strategy.

The Advantage Play button in Accumulator Generator

The beauty of these such accas are that with all odds on favourites making up the selections, if the bet fails then it’s normally just one leg which of course triggers a refund / free bet.

Lay All Selections at Once (Low/No Risk)

As it stands right now this system is a work in progress but it definitely offers a lot of promise.

If you are familiar with how matched accumulator bets normally work and as indicated in the other systems above, the common requirement is the need to lay each leg of the bets off one by one as you go which of course means selections need to be sequential and not all at the same time.

Laying all selections at once eliminates that requirement which I’m sure would be a relief to those of you who worry that you might forget or miss something.

Like with the previous AP software function, this strategy has its very own button and calculator for your convenience.

The Lay All Bets button in Accumulator Generator

I’m sure it will continue to be finessed in the forthcoming weeks and evolve out of its public beta. :)

Is Accumulator Generator Right For You?

So as we come towards the end of this Accumulator Generator review it’s pretty clear to see that this product has huge profit potential.

If you were to make just £10 a day from accumulators every day then you would be making £300 a month.

Of course, the idea is to make much more than that and this is highly achievable if you utilise the accumulator generator across a range of bookies and seek for a much better return.

I actually don’t see why you couldn’t pull in £1000+ / month from this – particularly if you are a player who works within the more volatile (but still risk free) bonus included method and can benefit from lucking out on some last leg losses.

But that’s doesn’t mean I think this product is for everyone.

This software relies on complex computations and has a lot of moving parts.

Even though all the bets are found for you and all the calculations are done for you, if you have no pre-existing of matched betting I wouldn’t start with this software. There are better entry points for matched betting novices.

If however you already do have a solid, comprehensive understanding of matched betting, are confident at laying multiple bets on exchanges, and can assure to follow the results of individual matches you are betting on in order to take the appropriate next steps – then this could be a highly lucrative product for you.

This really is a unique bit of kit and to this date I’ve never seen anything else like it.

If you want to evolve your matched betting to the next level and start banking money from this less trodden path of bookmaker free bet offers then you should jump on board today.

Due to its initial popularity, Mike closed the doors to Accumulator Generator soon after its public launch. Subscriptions at the current price point may be limited.

Click here to access Accumulator Generator for yourself.

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  1. Melanie caldwell says:

    Hi i bought the software a few days ago ive noticed saturday and sunday so far there are no games available in the lay all tab is this normal as there was picks friday have emailed but no reply as yet.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Melanie: I think that’s quite rare actually, though the Lay All selector requires a specific set of low odds in order to turn a profit. If nothing fits within this criteria then nothing would appear when you hit that button because there are no viable bets available with that method. That’s probably what we’re seeing right now.

  2. Derek Hyde says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have a query as to the use of the Betfinder, if you could please elaborate on the video.
    It seems that in the main William Hill is totally filling the first couple of pages in the Acca Matcher, which means that as they accept only one free bet per day you are very constricted as to the number of accumulators you can run at any one time. Conversely, from memory PaddyPower allow you to have four free bets per day. Unfortunately accas for PaddyPower are not very frequent in the matcher.
    I am a bit confused as to Mike’s reasoning for the use of the Betfinder, also to its operation.
    In the calculator for the Betfinder I am assuming that the Bonuses and refund are set to “No”, but in the brief glimpse in the video the bonuses are set to “Yes” and the refund set to “No”. Was this setting deliberate ?
    If I already have an accumulator on with William Hill, and as most of his will finish on the same day, would I be able to have a risk free double of treble accumulator using the Betfinder, even to the extent of plugging in each popular bookie in turn to see what profit comes up ?
    I assume that i would have to choose “Risk Free” from the menu choice.
    For those who might be reading this query, and doubting to purchase, my comment would be to fill your boots and buy !!

    • Chris says:

      Hey: Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been enjoying a milestone birthday. ;) I don’t really get the question though if I’m honest but if you want to email me more details I’ll get back to your after the weekend. Cheers!

  3. Derek Hyde says:

    Hi Chris,
    Doing well on the acca’s but just made a classic cock-up, and wonder if you could advise the bets way out.
    Just entered a 6 leg accumulator with Coral but forgot to save down the acca.
    Had a bit of messing about entering the bets in Coral and now the acca has gone and no idea as to the lay odds for Betfair.

    I have lay odds for the first match for tonight on the Shrewsbury v Mun. Utd match, but none for the next leg tomorrow.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Derek: This should be pretty easy to fix. You just need to replicate the bet in the calculator manually.

      Fill in all the details as per your betslip, set the Override Total odds figure to the actual odds you were given for the bet, and then navigate to each leg on Betfair and insert the lay odds for each selection in the calculator. You should now be back at square one as if you have just pressed the auto-calculate button from the matcher screen.

  4. Pat says:

    Hi Chris,

    Looking to get this, but might be getting a new laptop soon…

    If I bought it on my current laptop would I may able to use it on a new one? Or is it just 1 account per device?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Pat: It’s web based software which doesn’t require installation. You only need to log in to the website, so multiple devices within the same household would be fine.

  5. JJ123 says:

    After using BonusBagging for a few months and getting a lot of accounts limited I am skeptical if this is as good as it sounds.

    I really don’t understand how the ‘set and forget’ lay all option will work.

    Surely if a leg loses, the bookies back is canceled and anything layed upfront after the failed leg will be a liability?

    Am I missing something here?

    • Chris says:

      Hey JJ: With the lay all option, bets are identified which fall into a certain criteria that can make use of this strategy. All liabilities are factored into the initial calculation and effectively shared across the number of matches. With this method you actual benefit more if more legs DO lose. Examples of this are documented on the back-end and I’d advise running through a few example bets with the included calculator how the profit/loss is computed.

  6. Derek Hyde says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just a quick query on the offer from William Hill.
    They seem to almost take over the Acca Matching list with a huge number of variable matches.
    Could you please clarify their “only one refund claim per day” ?
    I have an accumulator running with them which started last Tuesday and the final leg completes on Sunday.
    If I commence another accumulator now whilst the existing one is still running, and qualifies for their free bet, and which completes on say Monday, would this free bet be forthcoming ?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Derek: As long as the accumulators don’t settle on the same day you should be fine. This is because that free bet is awarded based on one losing leg and you can’t obviously find out if you only have one losing leg until everything concludes.

  7. Kieran says:

    Hi Chris

    Just a question about the claims this product makes of 1500-2000 per month can be made do you think this is a fair reflection on ehat the product can offer. Also for each bet on average what is total outlay covering both sides of a bet for say a 50 quid accumulator.

    Any help be greatly appreciated

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kieran: The site says £1000-2000 which I think is doable if you are utilising 3-4 different bookmakers daily. There is a higher-level of earning especially for those who are happy to work within the low-risk strategies. Personally though I prefer to incorporate accumulators into more general matched betting / advantage play rather than just hammer them non-stop.

      Your lay stake averages depend on how far down the legs you have to go. If your acca strategy runs to the last leg of the bet then you’ll usually need to lay off a few hundred quid at that point to cover the calculated profit/losses form all the bets that have come before.

  8. Derek Hyde says:

    Hi Chris,
    I thought it would be sensible to first open accounts with those bookies in the Accumulator Generator list of Offers, to obtain new account offers before using the Accoumulator Generator software with them.
    I have just looked at 10 Bet new account offers and will open a deposit with them of £50 – same as the Acc. Gen. £50 – but I see that I have to do 5 roll over bets before getting the free bet.
    If I carry out a 5 fold accumulator bet with the software would this be considered just one bet or 5 separate bets to comply with the roll over ?
    This roll over caper is why I packed in bonus bagging.
    Below is a copy of the terms to save you looking it up:
    Use the bonus code FD200 upon your first deposit to 10Bet and you will be awarded a 50% welcome bonus up to £200 (or your currency equivalent).
    The bonus is released upon a one-time deposit wager, after which both the deposit and bonus amount must be rolled over 5 times on sports bets prior to cashing-out any winnings, otherwise – any bonus or winnings will be forfeited. Only settled bets can count for the bonus roll-over.
    All bets for the release and roll-over of the bonus must be on odds of at least 3/5 (1.60). Accumulator bets with total odds of at least 3/5 (1.60) also count for the bonus. Single bets placed on any type of handicap (except 3 Way Handicap), Forecast/Tricast or Over/Under markets do not contribute to the release and roll-over of the bonus. Non-qualifying bets can be placed, but such do not count for the bonus.
    Customers who deposit via Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for this bonus.
    The bonus receive and roll-over requirements must be met within 90 days from the initial deposit, otherwise – any funds held in your bonus balance will be forfeited.
    Each bet you place will contribute with a maximum of 50% of your bonus amount towards fulfilling the rollover requirements. For example, if your bonus is £100, the maximum amount each bet can contribute towards the rollover requirements with is £50.

    Kind regards,

    • Chris says:

      Hey Derek: New account bonuses and accumulator bonuses for existing customers have different T&C’s. Most of the time such bonuses cannot be combined – i.e. I’m not sure you’d be eligible for accumulator bonuses if you were working through a signup bonus rollover. You’d have to confirm that with support I guess, but personally I treat them entirely separately and not look to rely on any acca refunds until I’d worked through the sign up bonus. But with regard to your question – an acca is classed as a single bet. Not five separate bets.

  9. Steve says:

    Hi Chris, I am really interested in this software, currently I subscribe to another matched betting site who have a very manual version of this currently. The biggest limitation is it only works out profitable if you have odds on favourites under 1.2 for each leg this severely reduces the amount you can process. Does this software have something similar or is there a vast number of games we can choose from?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Steve: I’m not familiar with other software but I don’t think that’s true here. Just logging in and looking now there is a ton of bets available.

      The top rated bet as I look at it now has an EV of 14.88 and is a six-fold accumulator. The match odds for the selections in there are 1.73, 1.3, 1.17, 1.8, 1.4, 1.33. So as you can see – only one selection in that accumulator is under 1.2 suggested the method and selection process is superior with AG against what you’ve been using already.

      • Steve says:

        That sounds really good thank you for getting back to me. It is definitely something I am now seriously considering, one more question though more as confirmation really but does the example you have given come from an accumulator generated for Laying all the bets off at the same time?

        Thanks again


        • Chris says:

          Hey Steve: Apologies but going back to your earlier comment then it does appear that odds around 1.2 are required based on the Lay All method. This is not the case if you lay one leg at a time. Sorry about the confusion on that.

  10. Daz says:

    Sorry if this been answered before, but what happens if lets say 3 and 4 leg out of 6 loses. Then there wont be a free bet. Would i get still profit in such case even when one of the methods say that need to stop laying with the first loss?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Daz: If you use one of the no-risk methods then your profit will either come from the awarded free bet, or if the free bet is not awarded as the legs didn’t play out that way, you would instead turn a profit based on the lay stakes that the Accumulator Generated advised. Either way it works out roughly the same.

  11. Jonny says:

    Hey Chris,

    Long time no speak, I’ve bought this and my word what a buy! Bought it a few days ago, put 5 accas on and so far as long as odds don’t drift I’m looking at £58.51 profit. People need to know that odds do shorten considerably as well as drift so I think in theory it does vary. For e.g. I was down to my 3rd leg of my 6 fold and a selection had dropped by .14 from its initial price which rocketed my return on the lock in refund methods.

    Its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

    Now Chris, need your thoughts on this pal, Limited A/c’s….I have many now :-( However if I just concentrate using certain open accounts on ACCA’s whats your thoughts on bookies limiting you? Yes on a sportsbook side of things they are bookies fav bets, the ultimate mug bet, however say you had 3 / 4 winners on the bounce which is reasonably possible, do you think the old scythe could come down for the chop?? Whats your thoughts on this please Chris?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Jonny: Glad to hear you’re getting on well with it! :)

      With regards to bookies I think you just have to be a bit sensible regardless of what type of matched betting you’re doing. Give them a break sometimes. Don’t try and smash the same offers every day of the week over and over. If you can mix and match with other betting activity then that’s obviously the best way to play it.

  12. John Ventre says:

    Can I use this for multiple accounts. So if I have 2 Betfair accounts for laying, can this be used?

    Log into one, place the bets then login to the other and do the same?

    I read on the site that it places the lay bets for you. So if the for instance the 2nd leg loses, the system would stop laying right?

    • Chris says:

      Hi John: No that’s not how it works.

      This software as a service will identify and calculate accumulator bets which combine with accumulator specific free bet offers in order to extract profit.

      But it doesn’t do anything for you with regards to actually placing bets. As such, there would be no benefit to having two Betfair accounts.

      • John Ventre says:

        I thought it placed the lay bets so I don’t have to keep being around at the right time.

        This is on his website:
        You can:

        Place all of your lay bets at the same time in one go, so you don’t need to be available to lay off each game!

        • Chris says:

          Yes – one of the methods advised does allow you to place all the bets at one time as opposed to waiting for each leg to finish and then placing a bet for each. But you still need to go and place those bets yourself using the stakes that are calculated for you.

          • George says:

            I’d be interested to know how you can place all the bets at one before any matches have been played, as, surely, after one of the legs has lost, you would have to adjust your lay stakes for the remaining leg(s)in the acca, and, if two legs lave lost before the end of the acca, you wouldn’t be laying the remaining leg(s) anyway?

          • Chris says:

            Hi George: The whole point of that particular method is to be able to allow for laying all the same time, set and forget without re-adjustment. Odds must fall into a certain identified criteria to achieve this and can be filtered to display in the matching software by clicking the “Lay All” button. It’s just a different approach to one the leg a time calculations.

  13. Douggie says:

    Hi Chris. Great site and insightful review.

    Having dabbled with a few Acca refunds manually, I suffered from drifting odds which has led to reduced profit and also small losses on some occasions. Does A.G. combat this in any way?

    Also, I notice alot of discussion surrounding Betfair. Does A.G. work to identify matches with Smarkets so we can take advantage of cheaper commission?

    • Chris says:

      Hey Douggie: Which betting method you choose has an effect on how much or little risk to your return your acca will absorb. But I think the biggest positive with AG to combat the problem you outlined is the fact that it allows you to choose the absolute best EV acca as opposed to the time sink of manually calculating options and going with one that seems OK.

      For example: a few quid dropped on a EV 15 acca as opposed to an EV 5 acca is a much lesser problem!

      With regards to Smarkets: Accumulator Generator is wired into Betfair to the point that you can find all the links to each calculated market from within the actual bet calculator screen.

      But as you know odds between the two exchanges can be pretty similar – especially for odds-on selections – so if want to use Smarkets you can just jump over there before each leg and if its on par drop the commission in the calculator from 5% to 2% for that leg and update to get the appropriate lay stake.

  14. Paris says:

    Can you use this from outside the UK??

    • Chris says:

      Hey Paris: No – sorry. This works with accumulated bonuses available to UK & Ireland.

      • Bertie says:

        This can be done from outside UK. I use Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, Accumulator Generator & Each Way Sniper from the US. Just connect through a VPN.

        • Chris says:

          Hi Bertie: That’s good to know but to receive the bonuses you must still be recognised as a UK resident – i.e. have a UK proof of address etc. If you a Brit expat – which I assume you are – then you might be ok with that approach. But I’d be cautious of the fact that if one day you forget to turn on your VPN or your IP leaks then that might get flagged. Since often sizeable volumes of money are at stake when laying bets it’s therefore something that I wouldn’t recommend.

  15. Andrey says:

    Hi Chris
    Quick question, how big your bank roll has to be, to be able to place up to 5/6 Acas a day?!

    • Chris says:

      Hey Andrey: First off I would start very slowly and keep very good logs of your bets. Scaling up to 5/6 a day is a lot of work when you consider each bet consists of back/lays across 4/5/6 events. I’m not saying don’t do it. Just be very careful. In any case you’re gonna need a few £k in Betfair to cover liability across all of that. I personally wouldn’t recommend more than 1 or 2 a day.

  16. david m says:

    I bought the product for £180 on 9th Jan 2016. Went for a 6-fold accumulator – made my bet – all was ok until – Nacional vs Benfica match ABANDONED on 10th Jan 2016 !!!. I’ve emailed Mike Cruickshank for his assistance with the remainder of the bet (lost £50 with WillHill – match void – now it’s a 5-fold failed acca). I have laid over £150 with betfair and I’m £100+ down on there. the system has not been fully ‘thought out’ especially with abandoned matches you can lose £100+s

    • Chris says:

      Hi David: An abandoned event is extremely rare.

      How to fix:

      Check the game isn’t being played again in the next 72 hours.

      You can do that easily by checking the search box on Betfair.

      – If it is being replayed, enter the lay odds in the calculator and lay as normal.

      – If it doesn’t show then do the following.

      Enter the back & lay odds to 1.0 for the postponed leg.

      Change commission to 0.

      Lay stake to 0.

      Enter W in the Back W/L column.

      Turn off the bonuses section and lock in refund as the acca won’t qualify for the refund any more.

      Play the acca through till the first leg loss.

  17. Derek says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have chosen to demo the Bonus & Lockedin Refund set to Yes strategy.
    One query – with a £50 bookie bet on an accumulator, what is the position if there are 2 or more losing matches ?
    You make about £10 with Betfair, there is no free bet forthcoming, and you have lost your £50 to the bookie, so overall you you have made a loss of £40.
    Have I missed a point here ?
    Kind regards,

    • Chris says:

      Hey Derek: I see where you’re confused, but may you have indeed missed a point in the fact that after the first loser the lay stakes are being calculated against the value of the potential free bet so your losses would be recovered and then some into the final expected profit.

      It’s actually pretty difficult to explain – but if you fire up any top acca from the Acca Matcher, turn on the Bonus Section, but bonus retention to 80% and refund amount to £50 as shown in the walkthrough video what you can then do is work through each hypothetical scenario.

      i.e. Fill in the first lay stake. Enter W or L and then move on to the next leg. See what happens to the profit / loss in the chart bottom left each time.

      You can also add up the Back Loses and Back Wins amounts then remove the stake to arrive at the same figure.

      • Derek says:

        Thanks for that Chris.
        I am still confused as to how the software works, which is probably why the Buzz chap is throwing in the towel.
        I also had an email from Agora a few days ago detailing the three best strategies for 2016. Unfortunately he advised that he was getting a refund.
        I am running a demo 6 fold accululator and awaiting the match result tonight, to lay the 4th. leg tomorrow. All winning legs so far.
        I this carries on to the 6th. Leg, I have added up the losses in Betfair being £181.35, and I would receive a net profit of £153 for the £50 stake – making an overall loss.
        I will let you know if i may the final result in 3 days time.
        Kind regards,

        • Chris says:

          Hey Derek: If youre recording a loss then I dont believe youre doing it right.

          Feel free to email me a screenshot of your bet calculator screen with all the filled in details and Ill try work out whats going on.

  18. Derek says:

    I found the various videos excellent.
    The only problem was under which circumstances do you use which of the two main strategies ?
    An explanation of the picture overall woul be a great help.
    I am still groping in the dark but hopefullly will be able to sort it out.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Derek: Glad you can see the potential.

      Between the two no-risk strategies it’s just much a matter of preference. What I would do is pick whichever one tickles you fancy, hone in on the video again and get the process nailed and then just keep at it. Once you’ve mastered that one do the same with the other and figure out which you like best.

  19. john evans says:

    being a complete beginner to matched betting could you please suggest what would be suitable for me.

  20. Buzz says:

    “Even though all the bets are found for you and all the calculations are done for you, if you have no pre-existing of matched betting I wouldn’t start with this software. There are better entry points for matched betting novices.”

    I couldn’t agree more and this is exactly the problem I had.

    I purchased Accumulator Generator in November and spent the first 3 nights watching all the videos trying to make sense of it.
    You must bear in mind that I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to using the exchanges and matched betting.
    I found the whole setup a bit bewildering to be honest.
    I am definately not saying that this does not work as I’m sure it does. I manged get 2 “accas” down and made the profit as advertised.
    What took me out of my comfort zone was having to place something like £260 on one of the exchanges to lay the free bet of £50 in order to win £10. Yes, I know it’s a guaranteed £10 but do this 4 or 5 times a day to make the whole thing worthwhile and you have a lot of money laid out on the exchanges to win £50.
    Like I said, Accumulator Generator does work but it’s not for me.
    On a side note, I asked Mike for a refund and was basically ignored. I had to go back to Clickbank to get my money back.
    Not sure what was going on there.

    • Chris says:

      Hey Buzz: There are definitely easier wins as a newcomer to matched betting than this product. But for those in full swing already it’s super-useful. Although the time might not be right now at least you have that experience and it may be something you return to again at some point down the road. But either way – thanks for publishing your thoughts here. :)