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About Chris

At the age of 18, with absolutely no gambling knowledge whatsoever, I stumbled across the idea of advantage play betting on an internet forum. Those involved in the thread were discussing profiting from casino bonuses through pursuing and playing offers with positive expected value on games with low house edge. This terminology was all very new to me at the time and it would take me a relentless few weeks of research before I was confident enough to give it a go myself.

The results amazed me.

Bagging casino bonuses ensured I never needed to work a part-time job at University. I was making more tax-free money online then I could ever achieve through part-time employment.

I always remember the time I’d joined my housemates watching TV whilst leaving a video poker game on autoplay in my bedroom. I returned 10 minutes later to check on it and found I was £100 richer. In the space of a few minutes that astoundingly turned to £400 as I bounced around the room and consequently attracted the bewildering stares of my friends asking ‘How!?’.

The drinks were on me that night.

The problem I found in playing with casino bonuses were that for the most part they were not risk-free. Furthermore, the casinos were cottoning on to their customers gaming them and attempted to protect themselves by setting large wager requirements or restricting access to the most advantageous games such as BlackJack.

Whilst this remains true to this day that’s not to say casino bagging is dead. Far from it in fact. It’s just that for a good while they seemed to be handing out more cash than people could find space for in their wallets. Now everybody has to work a little bit harder..

Amazingly up to this point I had avoided what would become the largest source of supplement income for me until this day – bookmakers!

Profiting from bookmaker bonuses was so ridiculously easy it was comical and there was a time where it felt like every week there was a new place to play at in the online world. Nowadays the market is so saturated that it’s very easy to make quick, consistent money with bookmaker bonuses that I have no hesitation in recommending this as my #1 way to profit from the online gambling world.

On that note – when I started out there were nowhere near as many systems and services on the market today aimed at helping you profit. These helping hands should be a good thing but in reality they often are not.

I find a lot of people fall victim to really bad information.

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot over the last decade about all things betting related. I’ve seriously lost count of the number of times I’ve told people their roulette strategy is seriously flawed. I consistently pick holes in betting strategies which are supposedly bullet proof. I hate to see people throwing their money away on rubbish systems and products that promise the earth but deliver an atlas.

My hope is that through this site I can help people avoid ever doing so again.

Should you have questions about anything at all gambling or money related then don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help you out wherever I can.


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