What is a Surebet?

A surebet is a risk free bet that guarantees a profit whatever the outcome. The result of whatever you’re betting on really doesn’t matter.

With a surebet you know how much you are going to win before the event even begins. How is that possible? Well it’s really quite simple.

To demonstrate through example: if you placed a bet on all outcomes of a football match at a single bookmaker then you would be guaranteeing a loss for yourself. It is common sense that the bookmaker has margins in place to protect itself from cheeky punters. Sure, your loss would not likely be considerable – maybe one to five percent of your stake – but it would be a loss all the same. This however is a big Earth and gambling is not a monopoly. There are hundreds of bookmakers in the world today with varied systems for calculating odds. Bookmaker opinions on the outcome of an event can often be different and for the well informed ‘gambler’ these small differences of opinion can be a gold mine.

Let’s take a step back and look at that example of a football match once more:

Team A are at odds of 4.5 to win at Bookmaker A.
Team B are at odds of 2.1 to win at Bookmaker B.
The Draw is at odds of 3.63 at Bookmaker C.

To ensure an equal profit from an a £500 stake you’d bet £114.09 on Team A, £244.48 on Team B and £141.43 on the draw.

In using those amounts you are ensuring that no matter the outcome your return is £513.41

Yep – you’ve just locked in a guaranteed risk-free profit of £13.41 for very little work!

For an even simpler example we can look at a tennis match:

Player A is at odds of 3.35 to win at Bookmaker A.
Player B is at odds of 1.5 to win at Bookmaker B.

Again taking our £500 stake, to ensure equal profit you would place £154.64 on Player A and £345.36 on Player B.

No matter which bet wins your return will be £518.04 – a profit of £18.04. Easy!

As you can see, there’s a reason this is called a surebet. Once the bet has been placed it really is a sure thing!


  1. Morrice Wells says

    Thank you for a very clear explanation of a surebet.

    Now all Ihave to do is find where they are!

    I will read on.


    • says

      Hey Andrew: Maybe I should put one up on this site but there’s a ton of matched betting calculators up there. And if you decide to go the way of the product known as Bonus Bagging all the calculations are taken care of you (+ there’s a calculator on the back-end for you to play with).

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