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I love a bit of horse racing – but I eat, sleep and breathe football which means I’m always very happy to be offered a review of a football related service to review and am pleased that today said service will be Betting Gods’ Footy Lay Profits.

The likes of Betfair and Betdaq have been around long enough now for me to not need to go into great detail about lay betting but as a quick summary with these kind of tipster services focus specifically on betting against a market selection with the idea being to collect more conservative wins more consistently.

Footy Lay Profits ReviewRun by a dedicated “self-confessed stataholic”, Footy Lay Profits has existed as a Betting Gods service since December 2013.

If you’d have been following the service since its introduction to the market you would have grown accustomed to recording average profits of £83.06 and currently be sitting £747.50 to the better right now. This would represent a 149.50% return on investment and no doubt morale and confidence pretty high in seeing average strike rates of 83.27%.

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As it’s name might suggest Betting Gods’ Selective Racing Trust is a tipster service primarily focused on delivering carefully stewed, solid advice rather than rather than a never ending ream of bets.

Whilst we know little about the secretive man behind the service, it is stated that through his own personal betting portfolio he scoops up tens of thousands of pounds from the bookmakers month-to-month and has been in the racing business for as long as he can remember.

Selective Racing Trust ReviewOne of the nicest things about Betting Gods’ tipster services is their no-bullshit approach. You can identify pretty easily what you’re getting yourself into before starting out with any tipster from the stats available on the various product pages.

Selective Racing Trust has actually been operating since 2011 but was only syndicated and proofed by the Betting Gods team as of early 2014.

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One of the most frequent emails that arrives in my inbox goes a little something like this:

“Hi Chris,

I’m really interested in taking up matched betting but I’m concerned about its sustainability.

How long can it really last?

Surely there are only a limited amount of bookmaker signup offers… Then what do I do?

I really do like the idea of it and I could do with the extra money but this is what’s stopping me getting started right now.”

Does this sound like you?

If so – really – you’re not alone!

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This Value Racing Tips review will be the first of a few services lined up for inspection from the the tipster powerhouse that is ‘Betting Gods’.

With a sleek, sexy ident and a web page oozing style and professionalism, Betting Gods do form a great first impression in a gambling world often littered with unresponsive vendors and web sites stuck in the 1980s. Thumbs up there.

Value Racing Tips Review
But before I go completely weak at the knees we must remember that tipster services are to be judged on their profitability rather than how smartly they are dressed and thus begins my look at Value Racing Tips.

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